Activity type refers to a specific type or category of activity within a project. Each activity type has its own characteristics, goals, and requirements, and may involve different levels of coordination, planning, and execution.  

When adding or updating project items such as activities, mobility activities, or participations in a project in Beneficiary module, you may need to select a specific activity type. The available options for an activity type vary, depending on the action type and/or call year of the project.

Examples of activity types include long-term learning mobility of vocational education and training (VET) learners, long-term learning mobility of pupils, or youth exchanges.

The activity types available when adding or updating individual mobility activities in KA131 projects are:

ActionAction TypeFieldActivity category Activity TypeActivity type codeComments
Mobility of higher education students and staff (KA131)Mobility of higher education students and staff (KA131-HED)HEDLearner mobilityStudent mobility for studiesHE-SMS
Student mobility for traineeshipsHE-SMT
Staff mobilityStaff mobility for teachingHE-STA
Staff mobility for trainingHE-STT
Other activitiesBlended intensive programmesHE-BIPSee Blended Intensive Programmes in KA131 Higher Education projects for details.

For details regarding the Blended intensive programmes in KA131 projects, please also see Blended Intensive Programmes in KA131 Higher Education projects.

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