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The illustrations in the provided Wiki pages are for consultation purpose only and may not always reflect the latest implementation. 

Submit final beneficiary report

Report request

The National Agency will request the final beneficiary report and the primary contact of the beneficiary will receive a reminder notification email with the final report submission deadline. As of this moment it is possible for the beneficiary to submit the report.

If necessary, the National Agency will send reminders on the project end date and 53 calendar days after the end date of the project. The latter is a default setting and your National Agency may adjust the timing and the content of the message to their needs.

The Final Beneficiary Report can be submitted when the project has the status Project Ongoing. Once the report is submitted, the project status changes to Submitted. It is recommended to check that all project data is up to date before submitting the report.

Take note

There are two procedures for filling in and submitting the final beneficiary report for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Call 2021 projects, depending on the key action:

  • only via the dedicated functionality in My Projects - this functionality is currently available for Erasmus+ KA122 projects and will gradually be implemented for all other key actions
  • via the dedicated limited functionality in My Projects and in addition by filling in and submitting the report via alternative means - for all key actions other than KA122. Final Beneficiary Report templates are available for all relevant key actions.

Filling in the report

Depending on the key action, the report is filled in:

  • either using only the dedicated functionality in the Reports tab of your project - see How to complete and submit the final beneficiary report.
  • or using only the specific report templates for each key action. The templates are available for download from the page Final Beneficiary Report templates. For such projects, only the qualitative questions must be answered in the report. The data from the tables can be consulted by the National Agencies in a raw format in the beneficiary project.

Report submission

Once the beneficiary has filled in the report, they must submit it along with all required documents, either via the Reports section of the project in the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform or via alternative means, according to the instructions provided by their National Agency. If the report is submitted via alternative means, the beneficiary must submit the project budget and other reported project data via the Reports section of the project.

Once this is done, the project is locked and no more changes are allowed in the tool.

The National Agency checks the report

The National Agency checks if all necessary information and required documents were submitted with the report. 

Report Reception Accepted

If the National Agency accepts the report, the assessment of the report will start. The project status remains Submitted.

The National Agency has 60 calendar days from report reception to either:

  • Issue the final payment or
  • Submit comments to the report that require the beneficiaries attention. If the report is sent back to the beneficiary for corrections, the 60 days counter is paused until a new report is submitted by the beneficiary to the National Agency.

Report Reception not accepted due to additional/missing information required

The National Agency checks that all necessary information is available and/or satisfactory. If not, a new report will be requested. Details of the request for additional reasons will be sent in a notification to the beneficiary by the National Agency. 

Reasons for requesting new report may be:

  1. missing documentation
  2. additional information needed
  3. other … (reason to be specified)

In such cases, the beneficiary can resubmit the beneficiary report, including all previously submitted documents and any new documents or information, as applicable.

Report assessment

After the report is accepted, the National Agency will begin or send the report to (external) experts for the Report Assessment.

Assessment Accepted

After the assessment of the final report is finished, the National Agency accepts the assessment.

The project status of your project remains Submitted.  

Missing/Additional information required as a result of assessment

If the experts/National Agency require additional information in relation to the report and/or standards have not been met, a new report will be requested. The details of the reasons for requesting a new report will be provided by the National Agency in their notification to the beneficiary. The reasons for requesting a new report may be:

  1. insufficient quality of the report or its parts
  2. missing/wrong attachments
  3. wrong budget
  4. other … (reason to be specified)

At this point the report is unlocked in the project.

The beneficiary can correct or add information in the project and the report file and resubmit it along with all previously attached documents. In addition, the beneficiary must resubmit the report from the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform.

Project data validation

While the report is assessed, the National Agency also verifies the project information recorded by the beneficiary in the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform, including the reported project budget.

The project is finalised

After the National Agency has checked the project and the report assessment has been completed, if no further issues are encountered, the project is finalised. This implies the National Agency approves the final report budget.

The project status for the beneficiary has now changed to finalised.

Project termination with eligible costs

The project may also be terminated with eligible costs. This implies that the project stopped earlier than contractually agreed without any results, but with eligible costs.

The beneficiary has to provide project data (such as mobility activities, project results, multiplier events) and all other relevant information for a report.

The beneficiary can submit the final beneficiary report to terminate with eligible costs at any time. The budget summary of the project is automatically updated.