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Access to (and in) granted projects for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps

All associated persons and legal representatives of the beneficiary/consortium coordinator, as applicable, defined in the application form or during the processing of the application by the National Agency will automatically have access to view and manage their corresponding projects. Other contacts for partner organisations/consortium members/co-beneficiaries, as applicable per signed grant agreement, will by default have read only access to the project and can only view the project information.  

The projects can be accessed from My Projects, accessible from the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform after signing in with EU Login. Notifications are also sent to those contact persons once the project is available under My Projects. 

Associated persons with edit rights in the project can indicate additional contacts for all beneficiary and partner organisations and define their access rights to the project. It is also possible to change the access rights of existing associated persons for partner organisations/consortium members/co-beneficiaries. 

A project contact can have an Edit, View or No access to a project (project management) and project dissemination

Therefore, the list of projects you are able to view and manage under My Projects depends on whether you are associated with those projects and on the access rights you have been granted. 

If you cannot see your project in the list of granted projects, please contact the colleague acting as primary contact for your project within the beneficiary organisation. If you believe this is due to a technical issue, please contact the National Agency (Erasmus+) / National Agency (European Solidarity Corps) managing your project. 

If an incorrect email address is used for an associated person in the project, the National Agency should change the email address in the NA's project management system. Without the correct email address registered in the project, it cannot be accessed by the beneficiary organisation. Once at least one beneficiary contact has access to the project, it is the beneficiary's responsibility to manage and update the contacts for the project themselves. 

After accessing My projects, the My Granted Projects list will open, listing the project(s) you have access to. For details about the project list, see the page Project list.

My Granted Projects list after accessing My Projects

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