In Beneficiary projects, check the Zero grant flag to indicate that a participant in an activity does not require a grant from Erasmus+ funds related to travel and subsistence. When this flag is checked, budget items such as Travel support or Individual support grant are set to 0 EUR. 

Participants in mobility activities, flagged as zero grant, may receive a non-Erasmus+ EU funding (ESF, etc.), or national, regional or other type of grant to contribute to their mobility costs.

If all budget items of a mobility activity (i.e. individual support, travel grant, organisational support, course fees, exceptional costs and inclusion support for participants) relevant for a given activity type have a 0 amount, either because the calculation of the budget items resulted in a 0 amount (as can be the case of individual support) or budget items were flagged as not required, then the entire mobility activity is automatically flagged as a Zero grant.

Zero Grant flag in mobility activity

If the Zero grant flag is checked, the Participant With Fewer Opportunities flag, where available, will be disabled.