In KA131-HED and KA171-HED beneficiary projects, check the Zero grant flag, available in the Budget section of the mobility activity details screen, to indicate that a participant in an activity does not require a grant from Erasmus+ funds related to travel and subsistence. When this flag is checked, budget items such as Travel support or Individual support grant are set to 0 EUR. 

Participants in mobility activities, flagged as zero grant, may receive a non-Erasmus+ EU funding (ESF, etc.), or national, regional or another type of grant to contribute to their mobility costs.

If all budget items of a mobility activity (i.e. individual support, travel grant, organisational support, course fees, exceptional costs and inclusion support for participants) relevant for a given activity type have a 0 amount, either because the calculation of the budget items resulted in a 0 amount (as can be the case of individual support) or budget items were flagged as not required, then the entire mobility activity is automatically flagged as a Zero grant.

The Zero grant flag and the Participant With Fewer Opportunities flag, where available, are mutually exclusive. That means, a participant flagged as participant with fewer opportunities can not be flagged as zero grant. If you choose to mark a mobility activity with the Participant With Fewer Opportunities flag, any prior selection of the Zero grant flag for that mobility activity will be automatically revoked.

Zero Grant flag in mobility activity

Depending on the action type and call year of your project, other fields may be affected when the mobility activity is flagged as Zero grant.

For example, in KA171 call 2022 projects, in case of a Zero grant mobility activity, fields such as the Funded duration (days) or Funded Travel days are also set to 0 and the Distance band is hidden.

If a Mobility activity is flagged both as Force Majeure and Zero grant, the relevant grants/costs fields will be set to 0 amounts and cannot be edited.

Fields related to the duration of the mobility activity (such as Duration Calculated (days), Duration of the Mobility activity Period (days),...) will behave as applicable for mobility activities flagged as Force majeure.

See the specific mobility activity pages (KA131/KA171) for details.

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