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Report On Recognition

Once individuals have participated in an Erasmus+ mobility project and submitted their feedback on the experience in the participant report, for KA131-HED and KA171-HED participants in activities of type Student mobility for studies, the next step is to fill in the Report On Recognition.

The purpose of the Report On Recognition is to report on the recognition of the mobility period abroad. The survey assesses the quality of the recognition provided upon their return to the sending institution. The Report On Recognition is completed online in EU Survey and is offered in various languages.

The participant receives an email notification with a dedicated link to the survey. The survey can be saved as a draft for later and after submission, the participant can download a PDF version of the report, but cannot edit the form again. There is no deadline for submitting a Report on Recognition.

The email request is automatically triggered by Beneficiary module 45 days after the end date of the mobility is reached. It is only relevant for KA131-HED and KA171-HED projects for mobilities in Student mobility for studies where the participant replied "No" to the question "Is the recognition process for your mobility period finalised?" in the normal Participant Report.

The final beneficiary report will include a section using answers to questions from the standard Participant Reports and from the Reports On Recognition that were submitted by the time of the final beneficiary report submission. The participant Report On Recognition can be completed any time after the recognition process is finalised.

See the page Manage Report On Recognition for additional information. 

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