The illustrations in the provided Wiki pages are for consultation purpose only and may not always reflect the latest implementation. 

The new features below are available in the Budget screen in beneficiary projects, currently only for KA121, KA122, KA131, KA151, KA152, KA153, KA154, and KA182 projects. These new features are also available for projects under the European Solidarity Corps programme, specifically in ESC30 and ESC51 projects. 

"Hide empty items" checkbox

Clicking the Hide empty items checkbox at the top of the screen allows you to hide budget items with a reported budget of 0 EUR.

Hide empty items checkbox

"Sort by" options

The Budget screen items can be sorted according to different criteria, for better view.

Click on the Default option, to open a drop-down menu (1) from which you can choose other options for sorting the budget items in the list.

Also, you can click on the arrow (2) to sort the amounts displayed in the list in ascending or descending order.

Budget items sorting options

Expand/Collapse icon

You can expand or collapse the subsections to view more details, where applicable, by clicking the + or - icons.

When using the Export PDF button, if a subsection is expanded, it will also appear expanded in the exported PDF file.

Expand and collapse icons

"Total project"

The Total project row is located at the top of the screen.

The 'Total project' row