This page provides general information about the Budget summary section in beneficiary projects carried out under European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+ and managed by National Agencies.

The variations and specifics of the budget screen for each key action and action type are explained on the relevant pages of the Beneficiary Guide.


The Budget user interface is undergoing improvements. The overall budget structure explained below remains the same across all projects in the tool, but you may notice differences in how the data is presented. 

Click on "Budget" in the Content menu

To view the budget summary in your project, click on Budget in the Content menu. The Budget screen is displayed, where you will view the awarded budget and the actual project costs (that will be reported or are reported), broken down per activity type and cost typeIn this section you will also provide certain details that affect the project budget, as applicable. 

Click on Budget in the Content Menu


Budget screen structure

Budget tabs

For most projects, the Budget screen consists of a single tab, which is described below in the Budget details subsection.

For certain key actions there are additional tabs, for example the International mobility activities tab in KA131-HED or KA121/122 projects. These tabs are described in detail on the relevant pages for each action type.

Export the budget overview to PDF

The Export PDF function is currently disabled. It will be available in a future release and will allow you to download the budget as a PDF file.

The "Save" button

You can change certain details affecting the reported (actualised) budget of the project directly in the Budget screen (see below). If the Save button is available at the bottom of the screen, click this button to preserve your changes. If the Save button is not present, that means your changes are saved automatically. 

Budget details

The Budget details tab screen (first tab in certain projects)is divided as follows:

  • On the left side, the budget items are listed. This part of the screen may include fields where you should provide information for certain cost calculations on the right side.
  • On the right side, there are three columns for each budget item:
    1. Column 1 - displays the Awarded Budget - this is the latest grant amount awarded by the National Agency.
    2. Column 2 - displays the Reported Budget - these are the actual amounts used in the project, calculated based on the information you provided throughout the project sections. This column may include fields where you must fill in the reported costs or other reported data yourself.
    3. Column 3 - displays the % Reported/Awarded - the percentage of the awarded budget that you have consumed so far. It enables you to monitor at any time the level of expenditure incurred for each relevant budget item.
There screen may include additional columns, according to the specifics of each action type.


There are variations in the naming of the columns, depending on the action type, as follows:

1. Awarded Budget - Approved budget by NA
2. Reported Budget - Current budget
3. %Reported/Awarded - % Current/Approved

Here is an example of the budget screen in an ESC-51-VTJ project:

Example of Budget screen in ESC51-VTJ project


In this example, the beneficiary must also report on the actual number of participants involved in the project.

Example of the Budget screen in a KA153-YOU project

In this example, the beneficiary must provide details for the calculation of the Project Costs and the Coach Costs.

Example of the Budget screen in an ESC30-SOL project

An overview of the budget totals at project level is displayed at the top of the screen, followed by a breakdown per activity type. Each activity type is displayed as a section that can be expanded or collapsed using the dedicated arrows.


In the breakdown per activity type you will only see those budget items for which the awarded grant and/or the reported costs are higher than zero.

Only mobility activities (Erasmus+KA1) or participations (European Solidarity Corps) with the status Complete are taken into account when the reported budget is calculated.

Reported costs are calculated automatically based on the information you have provided either in the budget screen (where applicable) or in the other sections of the project. These amounts cannot be changed directly in the Budget screen. If you need to change the reported amounts, make the adjustments in the relevant sections of the project affecting these amounts, and the reported costs as well as the total reported budget are updated accordingly in the Budget screen. 


If a financial guarantee was required by the National Agency, you must type the related costs in the Exceptional costs for financial guarantee field. The Total reported budget is updated automatically. 

Here is an example of the Budget screen with the breakdown per activity types in an ESC51-VTJ project:

Example of the Budget screen with the breakdown per activity types in an ESC51-VTJ project


 "Awarded" vs "Reported" budget

If the amount of the Reported Budget is higher than the amount awarded by the NA for a given budget item or for the total project budget, a warning message is displayed. This does not prevent you from submitting the final beneficiary report. However, if the Total Reported Budget submitted with the final report is higher than the Total Awarded Budget, then the budget approved by the National Agency while validating the final report and the project data will be capped at the amount of the total awarded grant.

Here is an example of the budget screen where the reported Exceptional Costs and the total Reported Budget have exceeded the awarded amounts.

Awarded vs Reported budget