This page details the budget specifics for Erasmus+ projects carried out under KA121 - Accredited projects for mobility of learners and staff in school education, vocational education and training, and adult education and KA122 - Short-term projects for mobility of learners and staff in school education, vocational education and training, and adult education.

The Budget screen for KA121 and KA122 projects consists of a single tab, displaying budget totals calculated at project level followed by a breakdown per activity type. For VET projects, the screen also includes a dedicated section for International mobility activities. For each budget item, you can view the Awarded Budget, the Reported Budget, and the share of the awarded grant used up to the current date (%Reported/Awarded).

For a general description of the budget screen functionality, as well as more details about the awarded/reported budget, please see the page Budget in projects. For the new features of the budget screen currently available for KA121 and KA122, see the New budget screen functionalities chapter of this page. 


Details differ according to the action type of the project. In the breakdown per activity type you will only see those budget items for which the awarded grant and/or the reported costs are higher than zero, and only completed group activities (applicable only to SCH and ADU projects) and mobility activities are taken into account in the calculations.

This page is relevant for:

  • Erasmus+ Call 2021
    • KA121 - Accredited projects for mobility of learners and staff
    • KA122 - Short-term projects for mobility of learners and staff



  • Group activities (SCH/ADU projects) and mobility activities (all projects) must have the status Complete in order to be taken into account in the overall calculations in the Budget section. Draft items do not count towards the amounts displayed.

Click on "Budget" in the Content Menu

In your project, click on Budget in the Content Menu. The Budget screen is displayed.

Click on Budget in the Content Menu


Totals per project

The first part of the screen includes the awarded budget and reported costs calculated at project level.

All amounts are read-only, except for the reported Exceptional costs for financial guaranteeif the National Agency has asked you to provide a financial guarantee, type the real costs incurred related to the guarantee, in the dedicated field.

The Total project budget is also displayed at the bottom of this list. It is calculated automatically as the sum of all other budget items at project level.

Totals per project


Breakdown per activity type

The project costs are also displayed per activity type.

Each activity type is listed as a section, aggregating all budget data for all the complete activities of that type that implemented in the project. You can click on the dedicated up/down arrows to collapse/expand each section, respectively.

The amounts are calculated based on the information you provided in the Mobility Activities and Group Activities sections of the project, and cannot be modified here. If changes are required, make the necessary updates in the relevant project section.


You will only see the activity types and budget items for which the awarded grant and/or the reported costs are higher than zero.

Only group activities (available only for SCH and ADU projects) and mobility activities (all projects) having the status Complete are taken into account in the calculations.

Here is an example from a KA122-SCH project, with the Job Shadowing section expanded:

Example of budget breakdown per activity type


"International mobility activities" overview (VET only)

At the bottom of the screen you can view: 

  • the Maximum budget for international mobility activities. This is the maximum amount that can be allocated to international mobility activities and is calculated as 20% of the latest awarded budget, after having deducted the Inclusion Support for Participants and the Exceptional Cost for Expensive Travel for international mobility activities. 
  • the amount of the Budget used for international mobility activities up to the current date.
  • a blue progress bar indicating the share of the maximum awarded budget that has been used for international mobilities to date. If the Maximum budget for international mobility activities is exceeded, a warning message is displayed on the screen. This will not prevent you from submitting the Final Beneficiary Report.

International mobility activity budget - VET projects


New budget screen functionalities in the KA121 and KA122 budget screens

The below new features are available in the Budget screen in beneficiary projects, currently only for KA121, KA122, KA131, KA151, KA152, KA153, KA154 and KA182 projects. The new features are also available for projects under the European Solidarity Corps programme, specifically in ESC30 and ESC51 projects. 

"Hide empty items" checkbox

Clicking the Hide empty items checkbox at the top of the screen allows you to hide budget items with a reported budget of 0 EUR.

Hide empty items checkbox

Expand/Collapse icon

It is possible to expand or collapse the subsections to view more details, where applicable, by clicking the + or - icons.

When using the Export PDF button, if a subsection is expanded, it will also appear expanded in the exported PDF file.

Expand and collapse icons

"Total project"

The Total project row is located at the top of the screen and is highlighted in yellow.

Total project row

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