The illustrations in the provided Wiki pages are for consultation purpose only and may not always reflect the latest implementation. 

The budget screen in My projects details the project costs, broken down by activity type and cost type for KA1 youth mobility projects.

It also allows you to modify certain details that affect the project budget. 

This page is relevant for:

  • Erasmus+ Call 2021
    • KA151-​​​​​​​YOU -​​​​​​​ Mobility of young people for accredited organisations
    • KA152​​​​​​​-YOU -​​​​​​​ Mobility of young people
    • KA153-YOU​​​​​​ - Mobility of youth workers 
    • KA154-​​​​​​​YOU -​​​​​​​ Youth participation activities 



Fields may vary depending on the action type of you project. Please read the onscreen information carefully to complete the relevant fields.



  • Only a contact person with edit rights on the project is able to perform this operation.
  • The user must be logged in to EU Login account.

  • A grant agreement has been signed for the project, and it is visible in My projects.
  • To update the project it must have the status Project Ongoing.
  • Fill in all other sections of the projects in order to view the populated budget.


1. Click on "Budget" in your project

In your project, click on Budget in the Content Menu. The Budget screen is displayed.


2. Budget screen details

The budget screen details the project costs, broken down by activity type and cost type.

The screen is divided as follows: 

  • On the left side, all relevant budget items are listed.
    • a. Some items are listed independently - e.g. Total project budget, Inclusion Support for Organisation, Youth participation events support (KA154-YOU), Total grant complementary activities (KA153-YOU);
    • b. Some items are grouped in sections - e.g. Project Management (KA154-YOU);
    • c. Most items are grouped per activity type - e.g. Travel support, Inclusion Support per participant, etc. There is one section per activity type. You can use the dedicated arrow to expand each section to view more details, or collapse it respectively. 
  • On the right side, there are 3 columns for each budget item:

    1. Column 1 - displays the Approved budget by NA - this is the latest budget amount, as indicated in the grant agreement/amendment.
    2. Column 2 - displays the Current budget as declared by you in the project.
    3. Column 3 - displays the % Current/Approved - the percentage of the approved budget that you have consumed so far. It enables you to monitor at any time the level of expenditure incurred for each relevant budget item.

Our example shows the budget screen for a project developed under KA153-YOU - Mobility of youth workers.

All grant amounts are read-only, therefore cannot be changed manually. They are calculated automatically based on the information you have provided either in this screen (where applicable) or in other sections of the project. If you wish to update the budget amount for a specific item, you must adjust the details in the relevant section (e.g, Mobility activities, Physical Events, etc). Note that only complete mobility activities will be reflected in the budget calculations.

The only exception is the the Exceptional Costs - Guarantee, for which you can type/update the amount in the dedicated field, if applicable. 

In addition, you have to specify the Number of participants in the project in the dedicated field. For projects developed under KA154-​​​​​​​YOU -​​​​​​​ Youth participation activities, this must include the number of participants in physical events.

2.1. Export the budget overview to PDF

The Export PDF function is currently disabled. It will be available in a future release and will allow you to download the budget as a PDF file.

2.2. The "Save" button

You can amend certain details of your project directly in the budget screen. The Current budget amount is updated to reflect such changes. To finalise the change you must then click the Save button at the bottom of the screen to save the updated budget.


3.  "Approved budget by NA" vs "Current budget"

The Total project budget is displayed at the top of the budget screen. It enables you to have a quick overview of the total approved budget compared to the total current declared budget, as well as the percentage of the approved budget used at project level.

If the amount of the Current Budget is higher than the amount approved by the NA for the same budget item or for the total project budget, a warning message is displayed. This does not prevent you from submitting the beneficiary report, as it is only for information purposes.

Take note

Even though you are able to submit a declared budget greater than the Budget Approved by the NA, the final amount approved by the National Agency during the process of validating the declared budget will never be higher than the latest approved amount by the National Agency in the Grant Agreement or in the last amendment, respectively.


4. Budget specifics per key action

4.1. Specifics for KA153-YOU - Mobility of youth workers

The following budget category is only applicable for projects developed under KA153-YOU - Mobility of youth workers:

  • Total grant complementary activities

4.2. Specifics for KA154-YOU - Youth participation activities

The following budget categories are only applicable for projects developed under KA154-YOU - Youth participation activities:

  1. Project management - here you can specify the Number of months for which the project management grant is requested. If the specified value is higher than the duration of the project in months, you will see a warning message.

  2. Coach costs - here it is possible to adjust the Number of days (maximum 12 days) for which a coach grant is requested. If the specified value is higher than the maximum allowed one, a warning message is displayed.

  3. Youth participation events support - the amounts are retrieved automatically from the details you fill in under the Physical Events section.

5. What happens next?

Once you have finalised the project budget and all mobility activities and events are complete, you are able to generate the beneficiary report and submit it to the National Agency for validation, together with the declared budget.