The illustrations in the provided Wiki pages are for consultation purpose only and may not always reflect the latest implementation. 

This page details the budget specifics for Erasmus+ projects carried out under KA1 Youth Mobility projects (KA151, KA152, KA153 and KA154), using a KA152, call 2022, project as example. 

For a general description of the budget screen functionality, as well as more details about the awarded and reported budget, please see the page Budget in projects

This page is relevant for:

  • Erasmus+ Call 2021 onward
    • KA151-​​​​​​​YOU -​​​​​​​ Mobility of young people for accredited organisations
    • KA152​​​​​​​-YOU -​​​​​​​ Mobility of young people
    • KA153-YOU​​​​​​ - Mobility of youth workers 
    • KA154-​​​​​​​YOU -​​​​​​​ Youth participation activities 



  • Mobility activities must have the status Complete in order to be taken into account in the overall calculations displayed in the project Budget

Access the "Budget" in your project

In beneficiary grant projects, information about the Awarded and Reported Budget can be found in both the project details header and the Budget section of a project in Beneficiary module.

The Awarded Budget represents the most recent grant amount awarded by the National Agency. The Reported Budget represents the actual amounts used in the project, calculated based on information provided in project sections such as mobility activities, participation, and events.

In the Budget screen, the column % Reported/Awarded indicates the percentage of the awarded budget that has been used, allowing for monitoring of expenditure for each relevant budget item.

The names of the budget may vary depending on the action type, as follows:

  • Awarded Budget: Approved budget by National Agency
  • Reported Budget: Current budget
  • % Reported/Awarded: % Current/Approved

Example of the Awarded and Reported budget information in a KA131-HED project

To view the budget summary in your project, click on Budget in the Content menu. The Budget screen is displayed, where you can view the awarded budget and the actual project costs as reported in your project, broken down per activity type and cost type.

The project Totals (1) are available on top of the screen, followed by a breakdown per cost item and/or Activity Type (2), displayed as subsections, that are by default expanded and can be collapsed individually.

Use the scrollbar in your browser to access all information.

This example shows the budget screen of a KA152 call 2022 project, where reported budget information is already available. The currently Reported budget is 11 944 EUR.

Access the Budget

Budget screen details


The budget screen details the project costs, broken down by activity type and/or cost type.

On the left side of the Budget screen, the various budget items are listed, and certain fields may be included for providing cost calculation information on the right side.

The right side of the screen contains a variety of columns for each budget item. Always available are:

  • The Awarded Budget, which is the latest grant amount awarded by the National Agency.
  • The Reported Budget, which represents the actual amounts used in the project and may include fields where you must input reported costs or other relevant data.
  • The % Reported/Awarded, which indicates the percentage of the awarded budget consumed so far and allows for real-time monitoring of expenditure for each relevant budget item.


There are variations in the naming of the columns, depending on the action type, as follows:

  • Awarded Budget - Approved budget by NA
  • Reported Budget - Current budget
  •  %Reported/Awarded - % Current/Approved

Additional columns may be displayed, according to the specifics of each action type.

Our example shows the partial budget screen for a project developed under KA152-YOU - Mobility of young people, call 2022.

Budget screen details

Editable fields

All grant amounts are read-only, therefore cannot be changed manually. They are calculated automatically based on the information you have provided either in this screen (where applicable) or in other sections of the project. If you wish to update the budget amount for a specific item, you must adjust the details in the relevant section (such as Mobility activities or Physical Events). Only complete mobility activities will be reflected in the budget calculations.

Depending on the Key Action and/or call year of your project, certain fields available in the budget screen may be editable and can be filled in or updated, for example the Exceptional Costs - Guarantee, for which you can enter the amount in the dedicated field, if applicable, or the Number of participants in the project, as in the below example.

Any changes you make will automatically be saved. 

You may find editable fields in the Budget overview on top of the budget screen as well as in the Activity or Cost type specific sections.

Certain editable fields may be available in the project budget

Export the budget overview to PDF

The Export PDF button can be used, where active, to download the budget as a PDF file.

Export PDF button allows to download the budget as PDF file

Here an example of the exported budget in a KA152 call 2022 project. 

Totals per project

The first part of the screen includes the total amounts calculated at project level regarding the participants and various budget items, such as the completed mobility activities in your project.

For each budget item, you will be able to view the Awarded and Reported Budget, as well as the share of the awarded grant used so far, under %Reported/Awarded. 

  1. Total project is calculated automatically as the sum of grant items and reported costs. 
  2. Total project budget per cost item, such as: 
    1. Organisational Support
    2. Inclusion support for organisations
    3. Exceptional costs for financial guarantee - If the National Agency has asked you to provide a financial guarantee, insert the real costs incurred related to the guarantee, in the dedicated field that will de displayed in such case.

The available options depend on the Action Type of your project.

If no completed mobility activities are available in your project, the reported budget values will display 0 EUR.

Example of the Budget totals in a KA152 call 2022 project

Budget breakdown per Activity Type

By default expanded sections are displayed for each Activity type. Each subsection can be expanded, using the available arrow. For each activity type, the Totals (1) and breakdown per budget item (2) shown for each activity in your project belonging to the activity type, displaying the relevant Activity ID, is available.

For details regarding the Activity types per action type, see Activity Types in projects.

Budget breakdown per Activity type

In our example, a KA152 call 2022 project, following Activity type sections are available:

  • Preparatory visits
  • Youth exchanges - third countries not associated and
  • Youth exchanges - Member States and associated countries.

Activity type sections of a KA152 call 2022 project

You are able to view the Awarded Budget, the Reported Budget, and the share of the awarded grant used so far, under %Reported/Awarded. Only mobility activities and/or preparatory visits in status Completed are used in the reported budget calculation. 

Budget information for the following cost items is available: 

  • Exceptional costs for expensive travel - Exceptional costs for expensive travel of participants, including group leaders, accompanying persons and facilitators; including the use of cleaner, lower carbon emission means of transport.
  • Exceptional costs - Other exceptional costs.
  • Inclusion support for participants - Additional costs directly linked to participants with fewer opportunities and their accompanying persons.
  • Individual support - Costs linked to subsistence. 
  • Organisational support - Costs linked to Organisational support. 
  • Travel - Costs linked to Travel. 

These budget items are shown for each activity in your project belonging to the activity type, displaying the relevant Activity ID.

Consult the Erasmus+ Programme Guide for details on the supported costs in your project. 

Example of breakdown for a specific activity type

Budget specifics per key action

Specifics for KA153-YOU - Mobility of youth workers

The Total grant complementary activities budget item is only applicable for projects developed under KA153-YOU - Mobility of youth workers and available in the budget totals section of the screen. See Complementary activities in projects (KA153-YOU) for details on these activity types.

Total grant complementary activities in KA153 project

Specifics for KA154-YOU - Youth participation activities

The below budget items are only applicable for projects developed under KA154-YOU - Youth participation activities. 

The field Participants not participating in physical events and mobilities (activities under project management costs only) is displayed in the budget totals section and can be provided, if applicable. 

Participants not participating in physical events and mobilities (activities under project management costs only)

Project management - here you can specify the Number of months for which the project management grant is requested. If the specified value is higher than the duration of the project in months, you will see a warning message.
Project Management costs

Coach costs - here it is possible to adjust the Number of days (maximum 12 days) for which a coach grant is requested. If the specified value is higher than the maximum allowed one, a warning message is displayed.

Coach costs

Youth participation events support - the amounts are retrieved automatically from the details you fill in under the Physical Events section.

Youth participation events support in KA154 projects

What happens next?

Once you have finalised the project budget and all mobility activities, events etc. are complete, you are able to generate the final beneficiary report and submit it to the National Agency for validation, together with the finalised budget.