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e-Calls PADOR and e-Calls PROSPECT: EU Login 2-Factor Verification



Dear Applicants and External Assessors,

Please take important note that from the 1st of June 2022, all applicants and external assessors will require an EU Login 2-factor verification method to access e-Calls PADOR and e-Calls PROSPECT.

If you currently have a Call in submission or evaluation in e-Calls PROSPECT, we request that you make sure that you have your EU Login 2-factor verification method activated before the above requirement and Call deadline(s).

To activate your EU Login 2-factor verification method, access your EU Login account as previously, and set-up your 2-factor verification method as instructed in the EU Login Guide (PDF).

May we please stress the importance of this request, so that all deadlines are reached without any possible technical restrictions linked to your login.

You may also access the online documentation, including the updated step-by-step instructions for the EU Login access and 2-factor verification to the respective system:

If you need any technical support, please contact INTPA SUPPORT SERVICES.

We thank you for your collaboration.

Best regards,

DG INTPA R5 – Data and Information Technology


e-Calls PADOR et e-Calls PROSPECT : Vérification EU Login à 2 Facteurs


Chers Demandeurs et Évaluateurs Externes,

Veuillez noter qu'à partir du 1er juin 2022, tous les demandeurs et évaluateurs externes auront besoin d'une méthode de vérification EU Login à 2 facteurs pour accéder à e-Calls PADOR et e-Calls PROSPECT.

Si vous avez actuellement un appel en cours de soumission ou d'évaluation dans e-Calls PROSPECT, nous vous demandons de vous assurer que votre méthode de vérification EU Login à 2 facteurs est activée avant l'exigence indiquée ci-dessus et la ou les date limites de l'appel.

Pour activer votre méthode de vérification à 2 facteurs EU Login, accédez à votre compte EU Login comme précédemment et configurez votre méthode de vérification à 2 facteurs comme indiqué dans le Guide EU Login (PDF).

Soulignons l'importance de cette demande, afin que tous les délais soient respectés sans aucune restriction technique possible liée à votre login.

Vous pouvez également accéder à la documentation en ligne, y compris les instructions mises à jour et étape-par-étape pour l'accès à EU Login et la vérification à 2 facteurs du système respectif :

Si vous avez besoin d'assistance technique, veuillez contacter INTPA SUPPORT SERVICES.

Nous vous remercions de votre collaboration.

Bien à vous,

DG INTPA R5 – Data et Technologie de l’Information

Extension of deadline to encode logframes in OPSYS


Dear Implementing Partners,

The deadline to encode log frames in OPSYS has been extended to 31 May 2022.

Acknowledging that some Implementing Partners faced certain difficulties to complete the encoding log frames by the previously agreed deadline of March 31st, the deadline is hereby extended until May 31st. Please note that it is not possible to extend this deadline any further. All log frames must be encoded with the latest available results values by then in order to contribute to the Commission’s institutional reporting in June. It is possible to add values to indicators and match customised indicators to core indicators only when the log frame has been approved.

To support you with this process, the following resources are available:

Thank you for your attention. 

Kind regards,


Communication to Implementing Partners on Logframe encoding in OPSYS


This communication has been signed by the Director General of DG INTPA and DG NEAR. Read the communication in English, French and Spanish.

Dear Implementing Partners,

Communicating on and learning from results is an important dimension of our external action. The European Commission’s results campaign started in September 2021 and runs until 30 June 2022. Your active contribution is necessary to produce the most truthful picture of achievements and issues to be addressed. The simpler and direct our collaboration to develop and update our joint logframes, the more timely and effective we will be in reporting on results. In a context of fruitful and trusted partnership with all its Partners, the Commission counts on a mutual interest in the use of our new operational system for external action (OPSYS) to report on the results related to the implementation of our interventions.

Consequently, we are pleased to invite you to contribute to encoding the logframes and reporting the results of your ongoing interventions with DG INTPA and DG NEAR (or recently ended ones not having submitted a final report in previous results exercises). This is the standard procedure for results reporting as of now. We trust it will allow to demonstrate objectively and soundly, as well as to give visibility to the great success we obtain with our mutual collaboration. Apart from being more straightforward towards result reporting, taking over the direct registration on the results framework has these advantages for you:
· You are sure that we have up to date information and hence accurately reflect it in the results reporting done by Commission services;
· You will have an easier and more flexible way in getting approval on changes in the logframe. OPSYS is easy to handle and your access requires just a simple invitation by your EU Operational Manager.
To reduce the existing backlog, our Commission colleagues have already encoded in 2021 a part of the existing logframes. This allowed to test and to clear technical bottlenecks. To have it all in our result campaign cycle and the system 100% up to date, your logframe initial inputs should be encoded by the end of March, while we should have final inputs and data by the end of May 2022.

The EU Operational Manager of your intervention can give you access to all information and details on how to do it. You can also consult the training/information material here:

- Our EXACT - External Action Wiki for dedicated online documentation and e-learning videos for Implementing Partners.
- Our EC Funding and Tender Service Helpdesk for any technical questions concerning the Funding and Tenders Opportunities Portal, to be used for the encoding of logframes and values.
- Webinars for Implementing Partners are ongoing. Invitation details are on INTPA Academy and Capacity4Dev. During these webinars, a team of experts addresses all your questions. The webinars are recorded and can be viewed afterwards.
- Our services and supporting expert teams can organize more meetings with different groups of Implementing Partners to discuss issues relevant to each group concerning PINTVs logframes and results reporting.

We thank you very much for your collaboration and look forward to another year of joint work on making EU external action a success!

Kind regards,

Koen Doens

Director General, DG INTPA

Maciej Popowski

Acting Director General, DG NEAR

Download the Communication

List of Core Indicators

The groups of core indicators used also for corporate reporting (EURF/GERF, IPA PF, FPI PF) are available as follows:

Important communication to Implementing Partners regarding Results Reporting


This communication serves as notification in case your contractual conditions establish a pre-notice period for the use of an e-reporting system.

Dear Implementing Partners,

As you are probably aware, the ongoing results campaign commenced in September 2021 and will last until 30 June 2022. In this context, the RELEX IT integrated system (OPSYS) now supports recording interventions’ results directly in it and will be used for this purpose.

Since OPSYS is a new system and Primary Interventions a new concept, DG INTPA/DG NEAR are on-boarding users in three iterations: In phase I (September/October 2021), Commission staff identified all the PINTVs in the Commission’s external action portfolio. In phase II (from November 2021), Commission Operational Managers create PINTVs in OPSYS. As of 3 December 2021, most PINTVs are created in OPSYS and the remaining ones will be created in the coming weeks.

Phase III, expected to last from January to May 2022, will see the encoding of updated logframes (incl. indicators) in OPSYS PINTVs. The aggregation of result data and preparation of the first OPSYS result reports will take place subsequently for their publication by the end of June 2022.

Those DG INTPA/DG NEAR Operational Managers having completed the creation of their PINTVs in OPSYS can move ahead and invite their Implementing Partners to encode logframes (incl. indicators’ values) in the system. While the plan described in the preceding paragraph is maintained, we could use some advanced cases as unofficial testing pilots and then go ahead in a structured way as of January 2022.

Completion of PINTVs managed by FPI follow a different calendar, with a deadline of 31 January 2022 for updating the values of indicators. Implementing Partners concerned have already been contacted by FPI staff in this regard.

We trust you will start encoding your logframes in the system as soon as you are given access; we are confident that you will see the relevance of using OPSYS for reporting results, as no results will be neither processed nor reported outside the system, making OPSYS necessary for informing about noteworthy contributions to our common goals.

Please view our EXACT - External Action Wiki for the dedicated online documentation for Implementing Partners, enrol in the e-learning module in INTPA Academy and watch the video replay of our webinars on this topic in EnglishFrench and Spanish.

For any technical questions concerning the Funding and Tenders Opportunities Portal for the encoding of logframes and values, please contact the EC Funding and Tender Service Helpdesk.

Download the Communication 

Important note regarding Management of Interventions (including their Logframes)


Due to ongoing structural changes concerning Interventions, in terms of methodology and in the IT system, you are requested to not create and/or manage Logframes on Interventions that have already been assigned to you, until further notice.

Please wait until the newly improved definition of Interventions is fully implemented for further instructions.

The scope of the present request covers all Logframes in all Interventions (i.e. for Actions and/or Projects/Contracts), under all domains of the RELEX-family (DG INTPA, DG NEAR and FPI).

As soon as the new Intervention structure is implemented in OPSYS, the creation and encoding of Interventions with their Logframes, indicators and related values will be done centrally by HQ Responsible Units. An email to this effect has been sent to Operational Managers.

We will reach out to you with new information and instructions as soon as possible, until then kindly stop creating and/or managing Logframes. In case you have any questions concerning this email, please reach out to the Funding and Tender Service Desk:

Webinars for Implementing Partners


Avail all webinars in INTPA Academy, click on 'Resources' in the menu and select 'Webinar'. All OPSYS related webinars are available in the category 'Financial & Contractual Procedures'.


Please be informed that the deadline was extended from 31 March to 31 May. Please ignore the deadlines mentioned in the webinar. 

1. Introduction to OPSYS

  Link to the webinar replay

2. Encoding logframes and results in OPSYS

       Link to the webinar replay in EnglishFrench and Spanish.

3. Introduction to Calls for Publication

 Link to the webinar replay

4. Webinars in 2022

Please be informed that the deadline was extended from 31 March to 31 May. Please ignore the deadlines mentioned in the webinar. 

The OPSYS Change Management team (DG INTPA R5) in collaboration with the Unit for Performance, Results and Evaluation (DG INTPA D4), the Unit for Budget, Finance and Relations with Other Institutions (FPI 6) and the Unit for Coordination of Financing Instruments - Performance, Results and Evaluation (DG NEAR A4) organized a webinar series for Implementing Partners.

This interactive webinar focused on Interventions and Results Reporting in OPSYS and gave Implementing Partners the opportunity to ask questions to a panel of experts.


  • OPSYS today and tomorrow: State of Play
  • Introduction to Primary Interventions
  • Change Management Resources
  • Q&A with the panel of experts
  • Demo: Encoding logframes and results in OPSYS

Intended audience: Implementing Partners who need to encode logframes in OPSYS and have started the process.  


  • Friday, 28 January 2022 in English

Access the collaterals : PowerPoint Presentation, FAQ and video recording.

The same content was presented in other EU languages:


  • Monday, 7 February 2022

Access the collaterals : PowerPoint Presentation, FAQ and video recording.


  • Tuesday, 15 February 2022 in Spanish

Access the collaterals : PowerPoint Presentation, FAQ and video recording.

We encourage you to consult the online documentation. We also invite you to enrol in the e-learning module.

e-Learning Module for Implementing Partners


Avail all webinars in INTPA Academy, click on 'Resources' in the menu and select 'eLearning'. The OPSYS related the eLearning module is available in the category 'Financial & Contractual Procedures'.


e-Learning Module 1: Encoding Interventions and Logframes in OPSYS

Link to the course


First time users will need to create an EU Login account to access content in INTPA Academy. After you create your account, you will need to register in the course by clicking on 'Enrol me'.


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