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In recent years, INTPA and the Commission produced various guides, methodologies and tools to enhance staff capacity to analyse an intervention's context, engage in meaningful relations with stakeholders, monitor the effectiveness of interventions, and integrate and mainstream European Union values in all phases of the intervention cycle.

The Intervention Cycle Methodology Guide (ICM Guide) seeks to promote better use of all guidance, complementing the INTPA Companion, which focuses on INTPA procedures. Other than a summary of the Intervention Management Cycle, the ICM Guide proposes a series of methodological fiches highlighting the main characteristics of each methodology or tool, aligned to each phase of the cycle.

The ICM Guide was developed and compiled by INTPA D4 - Performance, Results and Evaluation; Internal Communication, Knowledge Management and Collaborative Methods, based on an extensive process of consultation. Thank you to all colleagues in EU Delegation and Head Quarters that have contributed to this ICM Guide.


Note: While most of the references are public, some sources are restricted to European Commission internal users. They are identified by the symbol