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From the 1st of June 2022, users will have to use EU Login 2-factor verification to access e-Calls PROSPECT and e-Calls PADOR. EU Login is the European Commission's user authentication service. The EU Login authentication, composed of an e-mail address and a password, allows authorised users to access a wide range of Commission web services through a variety of verification methods. We encourage you to download the EU Login app from your mobile phone’s app store to use as a verification method, and confirm validation requests via a PIN code, face ID, QR code, etc. You can login or create your EU Login account now. Please view the EU Login Guide for more information, or if you need help, please contact EC External Relations Application Support (ERAS).

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What is e-Calls PADOR?

e-Calls PADOR (Potential Applicant Data Online Registration) is a database managed by EuropeAid and contains information about organisations applying for grants of the European Commission in the field of external assistance.

New User?

 Consult the Quick guide on how to create an EU Login account.

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Important Documents

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How to register an organization?

1 - Access & Login to e-Calls PADOR

2 - Profile tab3 - Financial Data tab4 - User List tab & Signature tab


If you have a technical issue or a business question, please send an e-mail to the EC External Relations Application Support (ERAS).