Accreditations in Beneficiary module can be in one of the following statuses:

  • Accredited - Once an accreditation is awarded, it will be available in the Beneficiary module. The organisation will be considered Accredited and the accreditation will be valid until the end of the programming period until 2027. 

Accreditations may be subject to observations or suspensions in certain circumstances. Detailed information on the validity and remedial measures, such as suspension and observation measures for the different accreditations, is available in the programme guides (Erasmus+/European Solidarity Corps). The observation or suspension period will continue until the National Agency determines that the conditions and quality requirements are once again fulfilled, and that the risk of low performance has been addressed by the accredited organisation.

  • Accredited (under observation) - This status is displayed when an accreditation has been put under observation. 
  • Suspended - This status is displayed when an accreditation has been suspended. The organisation will not be eligible to apply for funding actions where the Erasmus Accreditation is a requirement.

It is also possible for an accreditation to be terminated at any time, such as if the organisation ceases to exist, or by mutual agreement between the National Agency and the accredited organisation. The National Agency may also terminate an accreditation in cases of continued failure to comply with instructions and deadlines, very low performance, or repeated or significant violations of the Program's rules. In such cases, the status of the accreditation will change to Terminated. Please consult the programme guides (Erasmus+/European Solidarity Corps) for additional information.

  • Terminated - indicates that the accreditation has been terminated. The reason for termination will be indicated in the status, for example as Terminated (validity expired), Terminated (inactivity), Terminated (organisation merge), Terminated (organisation shut down), Terminated (exclusion criteria), Terminated (on beneficiary request), or Terminated (on compliance).

Accreditation status displayed in header of Accreditation details screen, status Accredited

For information regrading the status of grant and accredited grant projects in Beneficiary module, see page Project Statuses