Upon applying for a KA120 Erasmus Accreditation, the applicant organisation will have to provide information regarding the so called Erasmus Plan, which is composed of the following three parts, linking mobility activities with the organisation’s needs and objectives:

  • Objectives,
  • Activities and
  • Planning for management and resources.

The duration of the Erasmus Plan does not have to cover the entire programming period until 2027, it can cover a period from two to five years. When an accreditation is awarded and becomes available in Beneficiary module, the contacts of the accredited organisation can access the accreditation details, including the Erasmus Plan with the relevant objectives and details. All information is read-only. 

The National Agency will periodically request Accreditation Progress Reports and may request Erasmus Plan updates as part of the report to make sure the plan is and stays up to date. If important changes happen in the organisation, the accredited organisation can also request an update to the Erasmus Plan by contacting the National Agency with their request. The National Agency will decide if an update to the plan is required.