This page provides an overview of the functionalities and options available for KA150 - Erasmus Accreditation for Youth in Beneficiary module. 

Erasmus accreditations are a tool for organisations that want to open-up their activities to cross-border exchange and cooperation and that plan to implement learning mobility activities on a regular basis. The Erasmus Youth accreditation gives simplified access to funding opportunities under Key Action 1 - learning mobility activities in the field of youth.

Applicants will be required to lay down their longer-term objectives and plan in terms of activities to be supported with Erasmus funds, expected benefits as well as their approach to project management. The award of the Erasmus Youth accreditation confirms that the applicant has appropriate and effective processes and measures in place to implement high quality learning mobility activities as planned and use them to benefit the youth field. The accreditation is awarded for the full programming period until 2027. 

Source: Erasmus+ Programme Guide 2024 (Version 1, 28.11.23); page 143

For a quick overview of navigation and basic functionalities in Beneficiary module, please view the eLearning video.


  • When an accreditation is accredited, it will become available in Beneficiary module 
  • An email notification is sent to the contact person(s) of the accredited organisation, informing them of the availability of the accreditation in Beneficiary module. See Notifications to project contacts.

The illustrations in the provided Wiki pages are for consultation purpose only and may not always reflect the latest implementation. 


Access KA150 accreditations 

Once an accreditation becomes available in Beneficiary module, it can be opened by clicking on the View icon in the list of granted projects.

For information regarding the options and functionalities of the project list, please see Project list.

Open the Accreditation from the project list

Accreditation details screen

When opening a KA150 accreditation, the Accreditation details screen opens, consisting of:

  1. Expandable header - providing general information on the accreditation, including a status badge
  2. Content menu - allows you to navigate to the various accreditation sections, such as Details, Organisations, Contacts and Activity Plan
  3. Work area - displays information as per option selected in the Content menu

Accreditation details screen in Beneficiary module

Accreditation status

Accreditations in Beneficiary module can be in one of the following statuses:
  • Accredited - Once an accreditation is awarded, it will be available in the Beneficiary module. The organisation will be considered Accredited and the accreditation will be valid until the end of the programming period until 2027. 

Accreditations may be subject to observations or suspensions in certain circumstances. Detailed information on the validity and remedial measures, such as suspension and observation measures for the different accreditations, is available in the programme guides (Erasmus+/European Solidarity Corps). The observation or suspension period will continue until the National Agency determines that the conditions and quality requirements are once again fulfilled, and that the risk of low performance has been addressed by the accredited organisation.

  • Accredited (under observation) - This status is displayed when an accreditation has been put under observation. 
  • Suspended - This status is displayed when an accreditation has been suspended. The organisation will not be eligible to apply for funding actions where the Erasmus Accreditation is a requirement.

It is also possible for an accreditation to be terminated at any time, such as if the organisation ceases to exist, or by mutual agreement between the National Agency and the accredited organisation. The National Agency may also terminate an accreditation in cases of continued failure to comply with instructions and deadlines, very low performance, or repeated or significant violations of the Program's rules. In such cases, the status of the accreditation will change to Terminated. Please consult the programme guides (Erasmus+/European Solidarity Corps) for additional information.

  • Terminated - indicates that the accreditation has been terminated. The reason for termination will be indicated in the status, for example as Terminated (validity expired), Terminated (inactivity), Terminated (organisation merge), Terminated (organisation shut down), Terminated (exclusion criteria), Terminated (on beneficiary request), or Terminated (on compliance).

Accreditation with status Accredited

Accreditation Details

When selecting Details from the Content menu, the general information regarding the accreditation is displayed. You find information on the Programme, Key Action, Action type, Call, Accreditation Code, Accreditation field, Accreditation type, Status, Validity start and end date as well as the National Agency. All information is read-only. 

Details screen


Selecting Organisations from the Content menu opens the list of Organisations for the accreditation. You only have the option to View the organisation details by clicking on the blue view icon. You are not able to delete or edit the organisation information. It is also not possible to add organisations. The Create button is inactive. 

Only the accreditation owner, the Accredited organisation, is listed. 

For general information regarding the organisations screen, please see the page Participating Organisations in projects.

Changes to the organisation details such as name, legal address etc. must be done in the Organisation Registration system

List of organisations


Selecting Contacts from the Content menu opens the list of Contacts. The contact marked as Erasmus coordinator as well as the Legal representative are displayed. 

You only have the option to View the contact details by clicking on the blue View icon. You are not able to delete or edit the contact information. It is also not possible to add additional contacts. The Create button is inactive. For changes to the accreditation contacts, contact the National Agency for an amendment. 

For general information regarding the contacts screen, please see the page Associated persons in projects.

Contacts list

Activity Plan

Upon applying for a KA150 Erasmus Accreditation or for a ESC50 - Quality Label for the lead organisation role, the applicant organisation will have to define objectives, the needs to address with the programme’s funding and the benefit for the participants and the organisation.

In addition, an Activity Plan is to be defined within the application, linking planned activities with the defined objectives. An activity plan submitted with the application can cover a shorter period than the entire programming period until 2027, but must cover a period for at least 3 years. The objectives and activity plan must be coherent and appropriate for the applicant organisation, its experience and its ambition.

When an accreditation is awarded and becomes available in Beneficiary module, the contacts of the accredited organisation can access the accreditation details, including the Activity Plan with the relevant objectives and details, such as the planned activities. All information is read-only. 

The National Agency will periodically request Accreditation Progress Reports and may request Activity Plan updates as part of the report to make sure the Activity Plan is and stays up to date. If important changes happen in the organisation, the accredited organisation can also request an update to the Activity Plan by contacting the National Agency with their request. The National Agency will decide if an update to the plan is required. 

Activity Plan screen

Selecting Activity plan from the Content menu opens the Activity Plan screen, containing the Activity Plan Objectives. All information in this screen is read-only. The following information is available:

  1. Version drop-down: Allows you to view previous versions of the Activity Plan, if available. By default, the last finalised version as per the NAs project management system is displayed. 
  2. General information: Provides details on the Date of the Activity Plan version and the Time until next obligatory activity plan update (in years)
  3. Expand all button: Allows you to expand all displayed objectives to view the detailed information available for each. 
  4. List of Objectives: Displays the available objectives for the selected Activity Plan version as collapsed cards, displaying the Objective number and its status as a coloured badge.
    • Each objective can be expanded by clicking on the available arrow. When expanded, the objective details are displayed. 

Activity Plan screen

Activity Plan versions

Use the Version drop-down to access (a) previous version(s) of the Activity Plan, where applicable. The screen will update and display the objectives as per selected Activity Plan version. 


A new Activity Plan version will only be available after it has been finalised in the National Agencies project management system, for example as a result of an Accreditation Progress Report.

Activity Plan version drop-down

Objective details

When you expand an objective, the Title and Explanation information associated with this objective is displayed. All information is read-only. Tooltips are available when you hover your mouse over Title or Explanation in the objective details.

Objective title and explanation including tooltips

In addition, you will find a table containing the Overview of planned activities linked to the objective. The following is available in the overview:

  1. Activity Type(s)
  2. Activity year
  3. No of Activity
  4. No of Participants
  5. Objectives targeted 

Overview of planned activities in Objective details

Objective status

An objective can be in one of the following statuses:

  • Ongoing
  • Closed (reporting will not be required)
  • Closed (reporting will be requested until the end date)

Objective statuses

Reports and updates

From the Reports and updates section of the accreditation it will be possible to complete and submit the Accreditation Progress Report, if requested by the National Agency. See:

for details. If no Accreditation Progress Report was requested for the accreditation by the NA, the screen will be empty.

Reports and updates