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Contracts and Procurements

Framework Contracts SIEA 2018, AUDIT 2018 and PSF 2019

Invitation and Submission

As of the 24/01/2020, the contracting procedures under Framework Contracts SIEA 2018, AUDIT 2018, PSF 2019, EVA 2020 and EVENTS 2020, are managed in OPSYS.

Shortlisted Framework Contractors receive an invitation to submit a tender proposal via the Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal. After acknowledging the invitation, expressing willingness to participate in the tender, creating and submitting a proposal via eSubmission, the Contractors are automatically notified via OPSYS if the proposal submitted has been awarded, reserved or rejected by the Evaluation Committee.

Contract Management

Please consult Framework Contracts pages for all information concerning the management of Specific Contracts (e.g. award notifications, expert availability, signature of the contract, manage deliverables, amendments, etc.).

For all other Framework Contracts, the Framework Contractors must follow the existing procedures specified in the Guidelines, General Conditions and Terms of Reference of the relevant Framework Contract.

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