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What is it?

INTPA F1 and F2 have prepared different guidance material to facilitate the integration of environment and climate change in the identification and formulation of development cooperation interventions. Key guidance documents are:

The Sector Notes provide guidance for the integration of environment and climate change in the different phases of the cycle of operations. They include ideas for, inter alia, integration in the policy dialogue, the selection of indicators (for programming, for projects), and concrete ideas that can be integrated in a sector project to enhance its environmental performance and climate resilience. The Sector Notes also draw attention to some practical examples. Sector Notes are currently available for the following sectors:

  • Agriculture, Food Security and Rural Development
  • Energy
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Social Protection

Quick Tips documents are concise two-pagers that draw attention to very concrete ideas that could be taken up to improve the environmental sustainability, climate resilience and opportunities to contribute to low carbon development in specific sectors. Quick Tips documents are expected to be prepared for the following sectors:

  • Energy sector
  • Transport and mobility sector
  • Education sector
  • Agriculture and food system
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Private sector and trade cooperation
  • Digitalisation
  • Urban development
  • Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Water resources management
  • Project and office management

Each Quick Tips document also includes an annex that provides ideas on activities in the sector that can qualify for any of the Rio markers (i.e. on biodiversity, combatting desertification, climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation).

Further Sector Notes and Quick Tips documents can be prepared based on demand.

What can it be used for?

To get inspiration based on concrete ideas to improve the environmental sustainability, climate resilience and low carbon performance for a sector throughout the cycle of operations.

When can it be used?

Sector Notes are useful throughout the cycle of operations, whereas the Quick Tips documents can be especially useful during identification and formulation.

Who can use it?
  • For EU staff involved throughout the cycle of operations.
What are its strengths?
  • These tools provide concrete ideas, focusing on the less-obvious. They can be eye openers.
What are its limitations?




Where to find it

Capacity4Dev: Environment, Climate Change and Green Economy

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