In Mobility Tool+, transportation expenses are incurred by individual participants when travelling from their place of origin to their venues and back within the context of a Learning, Teaching and Training Activity.

On this basis, the costs for these distances traveled are covered in the EU Travel Grant and calculated according to the activity type and Distance Band selected. This is indicated in the From / To and Travel Grant sections in the Participants Information for Learning, Teaching and Training Activities.

KA2 transportation expense calculation for LTT

Based on the Distance Band selected, the amount for EU Travel Grant is calculated in the Travel Grant section.

Distance band

From 2017, an additional option for Expensive Domestic Travels is available. This is an additional travel amount granted to participants that are subject to remoteness, making it harder and more expensive for them to reach a central transportation hub when travelling from their origin location to their final venue. This Expensive Domestic Travel is available for up to a maximum of 2 trips from or to such a remote location. A default value of 0 is shown. An explanation about the need to have a cost for the expensive domestic travel trips is required and the details are to be filled in the field provided.

Possibility to add costs for expensive domestic travel

The table here outlines the fields and check boxes for the EU Travel Grant in LTT activities for KA2, call year 2017 onward.  

No.Field NameAvailability RulesEditable
1No. of Expensive Domestic TravelsMax. 2 can be chosen indicating the travel to or from the remote location that the participant undertook. A default value of 0 is shown.Yes
2Top-up for "Expensive Domestic Travel Cost"?Automatically calculated based on entry in the No. of Expensive Domestic Travels fieldNo
3Please explain the nature of the expensive domestic travel costsAn explanation about the need to have cost for the expensive domestic travel trips has to be given. This field becomes visible if No. of Expensive Domestic Travels higher than 0.Yes
4EU Travel GrantCentrally calculated travel grant according to the activity type and distance band selected. No
5Total Top-up for "Expensive Domestic Travel Cost"Automatically calculated based on fields No. of Trips and Top-up for "Expensive Domestic Travel Cost". No
6Total EU Travel GrantAutomatically calculated, adding EU Travel Grant and Total Top-up for "Expensive Domestic Travel Cost".No

EU Travel Grant - Grant Not Required

If this flag is checked the relevant participant budget field will automatically be set to zero. Yes

Fields and check boxes for the EU Travel Grant