This page explains how to manage the list of intellectual outputs in Mobility Tool. Intellectual outputs are the tangible results of a project, such as curricula, pedagogical materials, open education resources (OER), IT tools, analyses, studies, methods, etc.

These can be accessed via the Intellectual Outputs tab in the menu.

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KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.


The screen allows beneficiaries to list all the intellectual outputs of their project as well as to detail the cost of production according to the different types of resources required to produce those intellectual outputs.

The intellectual outputs already approved by the National Agency in their management system will be displayed in this list, with all amounts set to 0 (zero). These items can be edited to update the amounts.

The Approved Budget (by National Agency), which may be different from the Current Budget (in Mobility Tool) or Total (Calculated) budget, is displayed:

  1. under the list
  2. and also in the Budget tab.

View approved budget in Intellectual output

Intellectual output budget in the Budget page


1. Add an "Intellectual Output"

1.1. Click "+Create"

If a new intellectual output entry is required, click the +Create button.

Add Intellectual output

1.2. Fill in the details

Fill in the fields as applicable.

The start and end dates for intellectual outputs must always be within the start and end dates of the project, which are specified in the Details tab.


The Output Type field is only available for 2014 and 2018 call years. Select the Output Type from the drop-down menu.

Fill in details

1.3. Click "Save"

Click the Save button to save the information and create the specific Intellectual Output item.

Save the changes

The item will be added to the Intellectual Outputs list.

Intellectual output is updated

2. Add staff costs per organisation

Once an intellectual output item is created, the Organisations section is displayed in the Intellectual Outputs screen for that specific item. In this section you can specify the staff costs incurred by the organisation(s) involved in producing that intellectual output.

This can be done either when you create an item or at a later stage, by editing the item.

2.1. Click "+Create"

Click +Create to add the details of the organisation(s) involved in the production of this intellectual output.

Create costs for an organisation

2.2. Fill in the details

Select an organisation from the Legal Name drop-down list and fill in the details as applicable. If an organisation is not listed, please follow the procedure for managing organisations for KA2 projects.

When you fill in the fields for No. of Working Days, both the Daily Rate and the Total (Calculated) fields will be filled in automatically for each Staff Category.

Take note

Only one of the organisations can be flagged as Leading for a given intellectual output.

Fill in details

2.3. Click "Save"

Click the Save button to save the details.

Save the changes

2.4. View the staff costs per organisation

After clicking Save you will be redirected to the Intellectual Output screen for that particular item. The costs incurred by all organisations for this intellectual output will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. The total costs are also shown in green.

To return to the list of all Intellectual Outputs, click the back to list button.

view staff costs per organisation

3. View an "Intellectual Output"

To view the details of an intellectual output item, click the view icon.

View details for an Intellectual output

4. Edit an "Intellectual Output"

To modify an intellectual output item, click the "pencil" icon.


For 2014 projects, the column Total (Adjusted) appears.

Edit Intellectual output

Follow the steps described in this page to update the desired details. If you update any costs, the Current Budget (in Mobility Tool) in the Budget tab will be updated accordingly.

Intellectual output updated

Intellectual output updated in the budget

5. Delete an "Intellectual Output"

To delete an intellectual output item, click the "bin" icon.

For 2014 projects, the column Total (Adjusted) is displayed.

Delete an Intellectual output