The Project Management and Implementation screen allows you to record costs for project management activities such as: planning, finances, coordination and communication between partners.


1. Click on the "Project Management and Implementation" tab

From inside the project, open the Project Management and Implementation tab.

 Click Project Management and Implementation tab

2. The "Project Management and Implementation" tab. 

Under the Project Management and Implementation tab you can specify the costs incurred by each organisation to implement activities such as project management (planning, finances, coordination and communication between partners, etc.) according to the contract duration for each specific project.

In this screen you have:

  1. List of participating organisations - to enter the PMI costs allocated per participating organisation. 
    Note: For school to school only projects only the beneficiary organisation will be listed here. 
  2. Approved budget (by National Agency) - so the granted amount can be consulted at any time.
  3. Specific Comment fields - to provide a description and justification of the expenses.

Project Management and Implementation screen 

3. Provide the Project Management and Implementation cost for an organisation

For each of the organisations in the list perform the following steps:

3.1. Click on the "Edit" icon

Click on the Edit icon in the row of the organisation you want to enter costs for.

Click Edit to add costs for an organisation 

3.2. Enter the "Total amount (Adjusted)" and save

Enter the total PMI contribution to the activities of the specified organisation in the Total Amount (Adjusted) column. Click on the Save icon.Enter total amount and save

As you add the project management and implementation amount for each organisation, the Total calculated amount for all organisations is updated and displayed in green below the list. 

Total amount is updated

The total calculated amount for all organisations cannot be greater than the approved amount. Should this occur when trying to save an entered amount, an error message is displayed. You must adjust the amount to be able to save. 

Maximum amount exceeded

4. Add comment(s)

Add a comment in the first available comment field if the total requested amount is different from the total calculated amount (taking into account the maximum allowed amount). 

Provide information on the activities and expenses covered with the Project Management and Implementation grant in the second available comment field. 

Click on Save.

Add comments