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KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices.


For KA2 projects there are different types of validations and checks the NA can conduct:

  1. Final Report Check / NA Validation
  2. Desk-check (Primary Check)
  3. On-the-spot check after completion of the project  (Primary Check)

All projects unless terminated with no grant will be subjected to the Final Report Check / NA Validation.

If any additional Check is required the NA will contact you with details of documentation to provide and further explanation. Once the check(s) are performed and the project receives the status Finalised, the information changed or updated during these check(s) can be viewed. An overview of this information is available from the tab NA Validation / Check monitoring and project versions allows you to view the project details at the various stages.

Additionally the beneficiary might have submitted a Claim/Appeal/Observation, which is also handled by the NA. The Claims/Appeals are related to objections by the beneficiary related to the accepted costs and these objections can be expressed in the form of Claim in Mobility Tool+. 

This page provides an overview of how to view those checks, validations and claims including the impact on the budget in Mobility Tool+.

1. Project version drop-down

Explanation and illustration

A project will not display the menu project versions until it is signed to finalised in the NA's project management system. Once the project is finalised the project version drop-down is available.

This functionality gives you the opportunity to check, in a read only mode, the different project versions and see what changes (if any) were made by the NA during the various checks including the impact of those on the budget and the different project sections.

In our first example we have three project versions (including the status):

  • Reported (Submitted) - Reflects the project information submitted with the final beneficiary report.
  • NA Validation (Submitted) - Reflects the final report check performed by the NA.
  • PL01-SAC-002421 (Closed) - Reflects an additional check performed by the NA. In this case it is a on-the-spot check after completion of the project.

Open Project Version drop-down

In our second example the version drop-down has two Claims, both submitted.

Sample Claims

Encoded Claims are however also visible via the drop-down if the project is not yet finalised.

View claims for project not yet finalised

This version drop-down is useful to easily check differences in the various project sections. For example the budget of the project.

In our example we see in the first picture the budget after NA Validation. The second picture shows the budget after a check was done and the adjustment made.

Verification of differences in budget

Verification after adjustment

2. Check Monitoring tab

Explanation and illustration

A project will not display the tab Check Monitoring until it is signed to finalised in the NA's project management system. Once finalised, the tab Check Monitoring is available. Here you have access to an overview of NA validation and checks in the project data.

Clicking on the Check Monitoring tab will open the Monitoring Overview screen.

In the Monitoring Overview you have an overview for the results of NA Validation, up to 4 checks and any recorded claims. In our example you see three main columns:

  1. Reported: Overview of submitted project data in the final beneficiary report
  2. NA Validation: Overview of NA validated project data, the result of the final report check
  3. PL01-SAC-002421: Overview of checked project data, the result of an on-the-spot-check conducted by the NA

Details per check are divided in three columns: Status, Changed and Total.

The Status column indicates the approval of the content:

  • Approved: The full or partial content was approved.
  • Rejected: None of the content was approved. Content that is rejected will not receive a grant amount.
  • Empty: This indicates content that might not have been submitted with the final beneficiary report but was added by the NA during Validation or check. This may be done as during the beneficiary report the content was incorrectly entered. This incorrect entry is then rejected and the new content added by the NA.

The Changed column indicates if the content or approval status was changed during the validation or check. A check mark indicates that the content was changed. An X indicates that there were no changes.

In the columns Total you will find the budget amount for the specific item per version. This way it is easy to identify changes in the budget made during validation or checks. 

Monitoring overview

Clicking on a specific Content type or Content Instance will bring you directly to this project content and will display the details as submitted for the project version selected.

 In monitoring overview, click to see project details

Details for the selected part of the project

Changing the project version via the project version drop-down will show you the information for this specific project item in the newly selected version. This helps you to easily see any changes made.

View changes to the project version

View details for changes