This page explains how to add the details for a new Transnational Project Meeting. Transnational project meetings are events organised by one of the project's participating organisations with the purpose of project implementation and coordination.

The screen functionality allows you to list the transnational project meetings, with the number of participants per meeting and its associated costs.

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KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices



1. Access the "Transnational Project Meetings" tab

Click on the Transnational Project Meetings tab in your project.

Access Transnational Project Meetings tab

2. The "Transnational Project Meetings" screen

The list of Transnational Project Meetings is displayed. 

When the project is created in Mobility Tool+, the Transnational Project Meetings entered into the National Agency's Project Management System do not appear in this list and will not be updated. You have to add those  meetings long with the number of attendees and total cost. 

The following elements are available in the Transnational Project Meetings screen:

  1. Search bar: to search for a specific meeting.
  2. List of Transnational Project Meetings: displays the list of Transnational Project Meetings, once the events are added manually. 
  3. +Create button: to add Transnational Project Meetings to the project.
  4. Approved budget (by National Agency): displays the granted amount to be consulted at any time.

Additional information on the list functionalities in Mobility Tool+ is available under MT+ List functionality.

Transnational Project Meetings screen

3. Click the "+Create" button

To create a new Transnational Project Meeting indicating its specific objectives within the more general purpose of project coordination and implementation, click on the +Create button.

Create new Transnational Project Meeting

4. Fill in the meeting details

Complete the details as applicable for the Transnational Project Meeting. All mandatory fields are marked with the orange value required label. 

The Start/End dates for a meeting must always be within the project duration as specified in the project Details tab and displayed as Project Duration timeline in this screen. By default, when creating a new Transnational Project Meeting, the start/end date of the meeting are set to the project start/end dates. Adjust the Start/End dates of the meeting if necessary. 

To save the data, click the Save button. 

Fill in details and click Save

5. Create the event "Participants"

5.1. Click the "+Create" button

To create the Participants for the meeting and to calculate the related travel costs, click on the +Create button in the newly displayed Participants section.

Create a participant

5.2. Fill in the required details and save

Complete the details in the Participant Form. All mandatory fields are marked with the orange value required label. 

The fields Sending Country and Sending City are automatically filled in, based on the sending organisation selected in the meeting details. These can be adjusted, and a comment explaining the difference is needed.

The sending organisation cannot be the same as the receiving organisation selected in the meeting details. An exception is made if the receiving organisation does send their own participants and pays for their travel expenses, if the travel distance is at least 100 km (>= 100 km). 

In School-to-School projects the sending organisation can only be the beneficiary organisation; no other organisations participating in the project will be available in the drop-down list. 

Select the Distance Band. To calculate the travel distance, click on the Link to distance calculator. The Grant per participant and Total (Calculated) fields will be updated automatically. 

Click on the Save button once all information is provided. 

Note: For information on the Force Majeure check box, please see below.

Fill in details and save

The Transnational Project Meeting details screen opens. The Participants list now displays the information you provided for the organisation. 

Follow the instructions above to add more participants, if required.

Participants added in the list

5.3. Edit or Delete Participants

Click on the Edit icon to modify information for a group of participants

To delete, click on the Delete icon and confirm the deletion.

Edit or delete participants

6. Click on "Back to list"

Click on Back to list to return to the list of Transnational Project Meetings. The newly added meeting is now displayed. 

Follow the instructions above to add more Transnational Project Meetings, if required.

Click Back to list

7. Edit or Delete a Transnational Project Meeting

Click on the Edit icon to modify information for a Transnational Project Meeting

To delete a Transnational Project Meeting from the project, click on the Delete icon and confirm the deletion.

Edit or delete meeting

8. Force Majeure

If the Force Majeure box is checked the Total (Calculated) becomes editable and the comment field Force Majeure Explanations becomes available and must be completed. The justifications for indicating the activity as Force Majeure must be added here. Click on the Save button to save any changes.

Force Majeure

9. "COVID-19 affected" flag

Transnational Project Meetings having an end date within 2020, the Force Majeure flag checked in the participant form, and for which the provided Force Majeure Explanations contain keywords such as "corona" or "covid" will automatically have the "COVID-19 affected" flag set. To indicate a participant as COVID-19 affected:

  1. The end date of the Transnational Project Meeting has to be in 2020 (to be specified in the Meeting Details).
  2. Tick the Force Majeure? check box in the participant form.
  3. Add an explanatory comment including the word "covid" or "corona".
  4. Note that the Covid-19 affected flag is checked automatically as conditions 1-3 are fulfilled. 
  5. In the list of participants for the Transnational Project Meeting the column Covid-19 affected will display a check. See MT+ Menu and Navigation > Add/Remove Columns option for instructions on how to add the column to the list view. 

For additional information and guidance on Force Majeure due to COVID-19, please see MT+ Force majeure guidance due to Coronavirus.

Covid-19 affected flag