A mobility activity contains the details of an individual participant, the travel details to and from the sending and receiving organisations, the start and end dates of the activity, and the budgetary amounts required. Depending on the activity type and participant role in the activity, the participant may be asked to submit a participant report. An overview of the participant report can also be viewed from the mobility activity, as well as related certificates. 

In the Mobility Activities section of your project in Beneficiary module you can fill in basic participant information and other details, save the information as a draft and continue to update the mobility activity either immediately or at a later stage. Where applicable, you can also manage and monitor participant reports. 

As you must provide information regarding the Sending and Receiving organisation for a mobility activity, all organisations participating in your project must be available in the Organisations of your project. Depending on the action type of your project, you may also have to add the related activities in your project before adding the mobility activities, as they may have to be linked to an activity

For general instructions on how to create and manage mobility activities in beneficiary projects in Beneficiary module, please see the page Add mobility activities to projects.

For a quick overview of Mobility Activities in Beneficiary module, please view the eLearning video.

It is also possible to complete all mobility activities using the import and export of mobility activities function, depending on the action type of the project. For a quick overview of import and export of mobility activities in Beneficiary module, please view the eLearning video. 

Draft mobility activities must be completed or removed before attempting to submit the beneficiary report, as they will not be considered in the budget summary. 

Mobility activities can only be managed by project contacts with edit rights in the project if the project status is Project ongoing