Hosting locations in ESC51 Volunteering activities 

Volunteering Teams activities in ESC51 projects do not necessarily have to take place in a host organisation or one of the beneficiary organisation locations, as for Volunteering Teams at least one organisation – either host or support - is required. For details, please consult the European Solidarity Corps programme guide.

For example, a Latvian beneficiary organisation with only the support role could organise a volunteering team activity in, for example, Estonia with participants from Latvia and Estonia and the receiving country for the activity being Estonia but no specific Estonian organisation being involved. 

In such a case, to provide the correct Hosting location for the Volunteering activity, do the following:

  1. In the project, add a Non-OID organisation located in, using the example above, Estonia. See Participating Organisations in projects for details.
  2. In the activity this organisation can then be used as host organisation. See Activities in ESC51 projects.
  3. In the participation, the receiving country, Estonia, is then considered in the calculations for Organisational support, Pocket money and Inclusion support. As supporting organisation, the Latvian organisation can be used. See Participations in projects in ESC51-VTJ project

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