Mobility activities in my project changed their status from Complete to Draft. What should I do?

Please note that each Beneficiary module release provides improvements related to mobility activity business rules, correction of business rules, adding new rules or remove others. This implies that mobility activities previously completed may not comply to the updated rule(s) enforced or changed after a release. 

This means that a mobility may change the status accordingly, from Completed to Draft. These changes can happen in any project, except when it is locked/read-only. 

  • If the project status is Project Ongoing, mobility activities and the status will be aligned with the rules as per latest release of Beneficiary module. All mobility activities should be checked and, if required, updated by the beneficiary. 
  • If the project status is Submitted, mobility activities are untouched.

A new functionality, Revalidate mobilities in Beneficiary module that allows beneficiaries to check all mobility activities of a project that were last saved before the current release. See the page Revalidate Mobilities in Beneficiary module for details.