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The Results-Oriented Monitoring (ROM) system supports and complements the monitoring and reporting activities carried out by EU Delegations and Headquarters Units during implementation, through a number of services provided by external experts. A number of support services are provided to contract and implement results-based interventions, in particular:

With Results-Oriented Monitoring (ROM) we refer to the external monitoring system of INTPA and NEAR, aiming at enhancing the European Commission's internal control, accountability and management capacity while strongly focusing on results.

The ROM system supports internal monitoring and reporting functions through independent and external services, provided at different points in the project cycle. The latest version of the brochure "ROM services and implementing partners" contains the updated description of the support to results data collection service. (Mars 2023).

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The main target group for ROM services is Commission staff and, more specifically, operational managers from both headquarters and Delegations, and INTPA (and NEAR) management. ROM services also benefit the interventions' implementing partners, partner countries and beneficiaries.

Further information is available My INTPA - Result Oriented Monitoring

​​​For any questions, please contact: INTPA D4 ROM