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This wiki is dedicated to giving you business information as well as providing step-by-step guidance on using eProcurement in the EU Funding and Tenders Portal

The EU Funding & Tenders Portal (also known as F&T Portal) is the single entry point (Single Electronic Data Interchange Area – SEDIA) for participants and experts in funding programmes and tenders, managed by the European Commission and other EU bodies. The economic operators can look for tendering opportunities and, depending on their role, manage the transactions of their organisation with the European Commission and other EU bodies in this one single place.

Navigation through the portal in search of information does not require to log in. However, you will need to do so in order to perform a number of actions. You will find more information about this below.

In order to help you make your work easier, the various pages of this wiki will provide you with more detailed information on:

Each of the above mentioned sections contains a general introduction page, followed by several pages dedicated to more specific details on their topic. Click on the arrow (>) of the navigation menu (on the left) to unfold the section you are interested in. The links to the details pages will then be visible and accessible from the menu. Note also that the links to the details pages of each section are repeated on a smaller navigation menu on the right of the general introduction page of each section.

Should you come across a term unfamiliar to you, please consult the glossary, where you can find the definitions of the terminology used in the procurement domain of the European Commission and other bodies. 

If you feel that some information is missing or if you want to make suggestions to improve our wiki, please contact us via the Helpdesk or fill in a contact form within the EU Funding & Tenders Portal

We will keep updating this wiki as new releases roll out.

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Upon entering the EU Funding & Tenders Portal, the easiest way to find all relevant information on tendering opportunities is by choosing the option How to participate from Guidance & documents tab of the main menu:

You arrive at the How to participate page. Click on the Procurement button on the upper left corner to view information concerning calls for tenders. A blue line will appear on the activated button:

The different steps of the workflow are explained on the page, as shown on the picture below:

As you can see, step 2 is optional. In each step, there is a View more details button, which will provide you with further information.

The links "Read about procurement procedures" or "Read about calls for tenders" will direct you to a page describing what is a call for tenders and what are the different types of procurement procedures used by the European Commission and other European bodies.

An EU Login account is certainly required as soon as you wish to actively participate in a procurement procedure. Moreover, if your organisation wishes to submit a tender, it will also need to register, provide information and appoint an entrusted contact person. More about these matters under Access, roles and permissions.

As soon as you log in, you get a different view than a user who did not log in. The portal makes it possible for logged-in users to perform a number of actions and carry out the tasks required at the various steps of the workflows. Which actions are available and which kind of information is accessible to them depend on the privileges granted by their account profile. 

A navigation menu, with their personalised area, appears on the left of the page for logged-in users. The personalised area allows them to access the sections where they will be able to perform a number of tasks. The user on the screen shots below has only two sections available, which correspond to her profile. Note that the second section is not used in procurement procedures yet..  More about this under Procurement .

Do not forget to choose Calls for tenders form the Procurement tab of the main menu to see the correct information displayed.

Basic filters are displayed on the left side, detailed filters and advanced search criterias on the right:

A small bell icon has appeared at the extreme right hand side of the menu bar. Clicking on this icon gives you access to yet another section: a notifications mailbox named My Notification(s) (not to be confused with My Formal Notification(s) under your personalised area). More about the notification service here. 

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