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This page explains the common functionality for creating a mobility. The screen layout and functions vary between call years.

See the page MT+ Add mobility for KA1 and KA3 projects for more details.

Relevant for...

 Click here to expand to see the table below indicating the Call Year(s), Key Action(s) and Action(s) where the following wiki page is relevant.
Call YearKey ActionAction


KA1 - Learning Mobility of Individuals

KA101 - School education staff mobility

KA102 - VET learner and staff mobility

KA103 - Higher education student and staff mobility within programme countries

KA104 - Adult education staff mobility

KA105 - Youth mobility

KA107 - Higher education student and staff mobility between Programme and Partner Countries

KA116 - VET learner and staff mobility with VET mobility charter

KA135 - Strategic EVS

KA125 - Volunteering Projects

How to "Create" a Mobility

To create a mobility from the Mobilities tab:

  1. Click the + Create button

Click the Create button to create a new mobility

How to "Save" a Mobility

In order to save a mobility:

  1. Fill in the Create Mobility screen
  2. Click Save
  3. Fill in all the tabs
  4. Click Save
  5. Click back to list
  6. The mobility detail line is created and appears in the Mobilities tab.

Fill in Create mobility screen and save

Fill in other tabs and click save

The mobility is visible in the list

How to "Copy", "View", "Edit" and "Delete" a Mobility

To do so, you can use the Copy, View, Edit or Delete icons that are available in the detail line of each mobility. Please note that the copy functionality is available for 2016 projects and further.

Locations of Copy, View, Edit or Delete icons  on the screen

Copy, View, Edit or Delete icons