In Mobility Tool+ the project participating organisations are managed in the Organisations tab. Organisations already entered in the web application forms are created automatically when projects are initially sent to Mobility Tool+. Other participating organisations (namely receiving organisations not mentioned in the initial electronic application forms) will need to be created in Mobility Tool+.  

This page explains how to add organisations for KA1 and KA3 projects.

Take note

To allow the users to add organisations to a project in Mobility Tool+, the project has to be in status Processing or Follow-Up.


1. Open the organisations list

Within your project, open the Organisations tab.

Open the list of organisations

2. Click "+Create" button

The organisations list opens and displays all already registered organisations for your project.

The list of organisations is open

To add a new participating organisation, click the +Create button.

Click Create Button

3. The organisation details window

The organisation details window will open. It consists of two parts: Organisation Details and Address and contact information.

Organisation details window

4. OID and Non-OID organisations

Depending on the key action, you may see the OID Organisation and Non-OID Organisation selector on top of the organisation details window.

For key actions that display the selector, first select whether the organisation you want to add is one with an OID or without an OID. OID Organisation is selected by default. 

OID and Non-OID organisations

Mandatory fields in the form are indicated by the orange value required box.

The Organisation ID field is prefilled, but can be changed manually. The only condition is that it cannot be the same for different organisations within the same project.

Note: This is not the OID coming from the Organisation Registration system, but the auto-generated Organisation ID in Mobility Tool+.

OID is required

4.1. Adding OID organisations

OID Organisation is selected by default. Enter the OID for the organisation in the OID field and click on the Check OID button.

Add an OID organisation

If the OID is correct, all the organisation information will be automatically filled in in the form. The greyed out fields are read-only, as the data is taken over from the Organisation Registration system.

The remaining fields can be modified, if necessary.

Update organisation details if needed

Depending on the action type, different check boxes are displayed such as Public Body or Non-profit. Check the appropriate one(s) for the organisation you are adding..

Here are two examples:

Public Body and non-profit check boxes

Note: If the organisation is already added to the project, an error message under the OID field will be displayed after the OID is checked. You will not be able to add this organisation again.

OID is not unique in project


Save the organisation details by clicking the Save button.

Save updated organisation details

The organisation is now displayed in the list of organisations, highlighted in yellow. In the Contacts column you will notice the number set to 0, meaning no contacts have yet been added for the organisation.

Updated information shown in list

4.2. Adding Non-OID organisations

If a Non-OID organisation has to be added to the project, click the Non-OID organisation button.

Add an organisation without OID

The window will close and the organisation details window will open. The screen consists of two parts: The Organisation Details and the Address and contact information.

All mandatory fields are marked with the orange value required box. 

Take note of the Type of Organisation drop-down. Select here the appropriate organisation type.

Update type of organisation for an organisation without OID

Enter all mandatory details in the form, in both sections: the Organisation details and Address and Contact information

Once all information is entered, click the Save button.

Provide all mandatory details

The window will close and the organisation will be displayed in the list of organisations, highlighted in yellow. In the Contacts column, visible if added to your list viewyou will notice the number set to 0, meaning no contacts have been added yet for the organisation.

The list is updated with the new organisation

5. View organisation details and quick access to contacts

  1. You can view all organisation details via the View icon next to it in the list of organisations.
  2. At the bottom of the Organisation Details window you now have a new section available: Contacts. Here you will find a summary of how many contacts are added for this organisation and the quick link Go to Contacts tab, bringing you to the contacts page for this specific organisation.

View details and go to Contacts tab