For 2017 KA135 and 2018 KA125 projects an organisation can be added as a co-beneficiary or as an associated partner. Co-beneficiary organisations may not participate in mobilities unless they have an accreditation as Sending and/or Hosting organisation. Associated partners may not participate in mobilities. Organisations may be added to the project with or without a PIC reference.

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KA1 - Mobility of individuals

KA135 - Strategic EVS

2018KA125 - Volunteering activities funding

1. Organisations as Associated partners used for Complementary Activities

1.1. Explanation and illustration

Organisations with or without OID marked as Associated Partner can be used in Complementary Activities.

In the example below:

  1. In the Organisations tab we added a non OID organisation named 'Test' and indicated the role as an Associated Partner.
  2. In the Complementary Activities tab the organisation 'Test' appears amongst the list of the Involved Organisations.

View associated partner in details

View the complementary activities

2. Organisations as Coordinating, Sending or Hosting partners used for the Mobilities

2.1. Explanation and illustration

Organisations that have an active Accreditation for one or all of EVS accreditations (Coordinating, Sending or Hosting) can be used in the Mobilities.


Organisations with a role as an associated partner can not be used in the Mobilities.

In the example below we added:

  1. An Organisation is added as co-beneficiary.
  2. From the organisation details (accessible via the View option), the accreditation role and status are indicated. The active Hosting accreditation is indicated by a check mark and the period for which the accreditation is valid is displayed.
  3. When adding a mobility, the organisation can be used as a Receiving Organisation as it has a hosting accreditation.

Sample added co-beneficiary organisations