For most Key Actions, the organisation details cannot be changed in Mobility Tool+ but should follow the process of an amendment. 

Organisation details that are entered in the Organisation Registration system (Organisation Registration system guide) should be updated there first before the National Agency will be able to adjust any other details in the NA project and financial management system.

Once changes have been applied, the updated data will be sent to Mobility Tool+.

The contact person of the beneficiary (or coordinating organisation) for a particular project will receive a notification once the updated information is sent to Mobility Tool+.

1. Open the list of "Organisations"

From the list of tabs, click on the Organisations menu item.

Open list of organisations

The list of Organisations will appear.

List of organisations

2. View organisation details

Click on the view icon to open Organisation Details window.

Open organisation details for an organisation

The Organisation Details window appears. All information in this view is read only and cannot be changed.

View the organisation details

3. Changed organisation details

The organisation details are updated as a result of the organisation itself updating the specific core information in the Organisation Registration system. Once the change is done in the Organisation Registration system, notify your National Agency and then they will update the information in the NA project and financial management system.

In Mobility Tool+, this is indicated in the Changed organisation details column in the organisations list with an exclamation mark. It announces that a change was made in the Organisation Registration system which is not yet applied in Mobility Tool+.

In order to update the change in the project copy, the organisation details have to be updated manually. Detailed instructions on how to do this can be found under MT+ Update OID or confirm changed organisation details.

Changed organisation details

4. Adding a participating organisation

Participating organisations not mentioned in the initial electronic application forms will have to be created in Mobility Tool+.

This can be done via the green +Create button. Detailed instructions on how this is done are available under MT+ How to add organisations for KA1 and KA3 projects.

5. Edit organisation details

In KA1 and KA3, it is possible to edit organisation details. These organisations can be managed by the beneficiary organisation.

Updates for organisations can be made by clicking the Edit icon.

Select organisation to edit the details

5.1. Editable "Organisation Details" window

When you click on the Edit icon, the Organisation Details window appears.

Certain fields are not editable (greyed out), as the relevant information must be updated in the Organisation Registration system.

For the other fields, update with information as required.  The OID, Erasmus Code and Organisation ID fields have certain specifics, as described in the following paragraphs. For more information on the use of OID or PIC  or Organisation ID see MT+ Manage Organisation ID.

Editable organisation details window

5.2. Editable "OID" field

The OID field is editable when the project status is Follow-up or Processing

If your OID has changed, type it in this field and click Check OID. The latest organisation information is retrieved from the Organisation Registration system and displayed in the window. For more information on the use of OID or PIC see MT+ Manage Organisation ID.

Edit  the OID field

5.3. Editable "Erasmus Code" field

The Erasmus Code field is only editable for KA103 and KA107 projects.

It allows the beneficiary to search for the specific Erasmus code related to the organisation. To do this:

1. Click the menu button to open the search window.

Edit the Erasmus Code

2. In the search bar, type any part of the OID, Legal Name, Business name, Full name (National Language), Country or City, then click the search icon to retrieve the matching results. 

3. Locate the desired record and click Select. The Erasmus Code and all associated information will be retrieved into the Organisation Details screen.

Updated Erasmus Code information is displayed

5.4. Editable "Organisation ID" field

The Organisation ID can be changed but must be unique among all organisations within the project. For more information on the use of OID or PIC see MT+ Manage Organisation ID.


The Organisation ID is a unique identifier found only in Mobility Tool+ and it can differ from one project to another for the same organisation. The OID is the acronym used in Mobility Tool+ for the Organisation ID that is retrieved from the Organisation Registration system. The OID is unique and will always stay the same in all projects of the same organisation.

Edit Organisation ID

5.5. Click the "Save" button

Click the Save button to save changes and close the Organisation details window.

Save the changes

6. Deleting a participating organisation

To delete an organisation, click the delete icon.


You cannot delete an organisation if it is associated to a mobility or activity.

Delete a participating organisation