For KA1 and KA3 projects there are different types of checks the NA can conduct:

  1. Final Report Check / NA Validation
  2. Desk-check
  3. On-the-spot check during completion of the project 
  4. System Check
  5. Claim/Observation/Appeal

All projects, unless terminated with no grant, will be subjected to the Final Report Check / NA Validation.

If any additional check is required the NA will contact you with details of documentation to provide and further explanation. Once the check(s) are performed and the project receives the status Finalised, the information changed or updated during these check(s) can be viewed.

A claim is an action triggered by the beneficiary; mainly associated to objections related to the accepted costs and these objections can be expressed in the form of observations or appeals.

The project versions drop-down allows you to view the project details easily at the various stages.

This page provides an overview of how to view the impact of those validations, checks and/or claims on the mobilities and budget of your project.

Project version drop-down

A project will not display the project versions tab until it is signed to Finalised in the NA's project management system. Once the project is finalised the project version drop-down is available.

This functionality gives you the opportunity to check the different project versions and see what changes (if any) were made by the NA during the various checks, including the impact on budget and mobilities.

In our example we have four project versions, including the status of those:

  • Reported (Submitted) - This reflects the project information submitted with the final beneficiary report.
  • NA Validation (Submitted) - This reflects the final report check performed by the NA.
  • PL01-SYS-002296 (Closed) - This reflects an additional check performed by the NA. In this case it is a check of type System Check.
  • PL01-DES-002327 (Closed) - This reflects an additional check performed by the NA. In this case it is a check of type Desk Check.

This version drop-down is useful to easily check differences in the versions of various project sections; mainly budget and mobilities. 

Project version drop-down box

If any claims were registered, you will also see those in the version drop-down.

Sample contents

The NA Validation tab

Once the project is finalised, another tab is visible in the project: NA Validation. Under this tab an overview of changes performed during NA Validation is provided.

The NA Validation tab

Project Versions and Mobilities

In the Mobilities section of your project, you have the possibility to review changes made during validation or checks by using the version drop-down.

Project Versions and Mobilities

Reported (Submitted) mobilities

Here you can see in the project version Reported (Submitted) that none of the mobilities are marked yet as eligible or ineligible.

Reported (Submitted) mobilities

NA Validation (Submitted) mobilities

When changing the version drop-down to NA Validation (Submitted) the list of mobilities now have an updated eligibility status.

In our example, all mobilities were marked eligible and there are five instead of four available in our project in this version.  

NA Validation (submitted) mobilities

Check (closed) mobilities

Changing the version drop-down to one of the checks (in this example PL01-DES-002270) will display the mobilities list for this version of the project.

One mobility in the example is now marked ineligible.

Check (closed) mobilities

Claim NA Validation (closed) mobilities.

The new type of check for Claims, Observations or Appeals will also be visible, if such request was made to the NA. These work in the same way as the other types of checks.

Simply change the version drop-down to a Claim to view any changes made.

Claim NA Validation (closed) mobilities

Project Versions and Budget

Via the project version drop-down you can also easily review changes made to the budget of the project during validation, checks and/or claims or appeals.

Access the Budget tab and use the version drop-down to view the budget in the different versions.

Reported (Submitted) budget

In our example, we see here the Reported (Submitted) budget, which reflects the budget submitted with the final beneficiary report.

Current Budget (in Mobility Tool) is 454.152,10 EUR which equals 97.4% of the Approved Budget (by National Agency).

Project Versions and Budget

NA Validated (Submitted) budget

We change the project version via the drop-down to NA Validation (submitted). We can see a difference in the Current Budget (in Mobility Tool) compared to the reported one we looked at previously.

As a result of the NA Validation, mobilities are marked as eligible or ineligible which impacts the budget. In our example it is now 432.992,10 EUR which equals 93.5% of the Approved Budget (by National Agency).

NA Validated (Submitted) budget

Check (Closed) budget

We change the version again using the drop-down, this time we look at one of the checks: PL01-SYS-002324 (Closed).

In our example there is a difference in the Current Budget (in Mobility Tool) compared to the Reported and NA validated versions. It is now 445.992,10 EUR which equals 96.3% of the Approved Budget (by National Agency).

 Check (Closed) budget

Claim (Submitted) budget.

We change the version again using the drop-down, this time we look at one of the claims and select Claim #4 - Reported (Submitted).

Change version using drop-down

Once more there is a change in the budget.

Budget has been updated