Functionality for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 KA1 and KA3 projects

The mobility screen and list functionality for 2016 and further projects now functions similar to that of the organisations and contacts screen. As of Mobility Tool+ 2.4.1 new functionality allows the mobility to be saved as draft with the minimum of details.

These draft mobilities will not be considered in the budget summary.

Mobilities with all details completed are marked with a check mark in the column complete and those that are draft are marked with an X.

Completed mobilities 

To help to filter the mobilities further the tabs Complete and Draft are also available.

You may filter on Complete or Draft

The import and export functionality is possible for both Draft and Complete mobilities.

Import and export

When exporting and importing don't forget to:

  1. Select to export either the list of Complete mobilities or Draft mobilities.
  2. Select which file type to export as either XLS or CSV.
  3. If both Draft and Complete mobilities were exported then both files will have to be imported.

How to do this in the tools