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Total Number of Teaching Hours


The number of teaching hours to be delivered by mobile staff on teaching mobility has to comply with the programme rule on the minimum number of teaching hours.

The rule states that "if the mobility lasts longer than one week, the minimum number of teaching hours for an incomplete week should be proportional to the duration of that week."

By definition, a week is seven days long and consists of working days and weekend days.

Mobility Tool+ is able to calculate the duration of the staff mobility for teaching in days but does not have enough information to know the number of days worked during the incomplete week.

The teaching staff may or may not work during the weekend depending on the context, regulations etc. The weekend can be considered as teaching hours in an incomplete week, but only if additional information is provided with the supporting documents.

Mobility Tool+ checks the minimum number of teaching hours. The safeguard consists of the check of the required workload for each full week, a minimum of eight teaching hours per week.

For incomplete weeks, the calculation of the proportional share of the eight weekly teaching hour minimum is the responsibility of the beneficiary who has the complete picture of the situation based on the supporting documents.

The information on which days the person has worked during the mobility period as part of the certificate of attendance or the staff mobility agreement could be used as the basis for the calculation.

Note: There is no minimum duration for Invited Staff from Enterprise.


Mobility Field



Call YearAll
Key ActionKA1
Action Type (code)



Activity Type Specifics

Only available for Staff activities.



Type of fieldFree text field


Consequence if selected-

Instructions to useEnter the calculated teaching hours for the mobility duration in the available free text field.
Additional Rules

Calculation rules are as follows:

DurationMinimum hours accepted in Mobility Tool+
7 days (1 week)Min 8 hours
7 days (1 week)Min 4 hours in case of "Combined Teaching and Training" flagged teaching mobilities

8 days (1 week and 1 day)

Min 8 hours
13 days (1 week and 6 days)Min 8 hours
14 days (2 weeks)Min 16 hours

15 days (2 weeks and 1 day)

Min 16 hours
20 days (2 weeks and 6 days)Min 16 hours

21 days (3 weeks)

Min 24 hours
22 days (3 weeks and 1 day)Min 24 hours
27 days (3 weeks and 6 days)Min 24 hours
  • No minimum duration for Invited Staff from Enterprise

Example calculations:

  • Mobility of 8 days (1 full week + 1 remaining working day) - Min teaching would be 8hrs + 8/5hrs = 9.6 hours
  • Mobility of 9 days (1 full week + 2 remaining working days) - Min teaching would be 8 + 8/5*2 (remaining days) = 11.2 hours
  • Mobility of 10 days (1 full week + 3 remaining working days) - Min teaching would be 8 + 8/5*3 (remaining days) = 12.8 hours
  • Mobility of 12 days (1 full week + 5 remaining working days) - Min teaching would be 8 + 8/5*5 (remaining days) = 16 hours
    > Beyond this and up to 2 weeks the minimum is 16 hours
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