Mobilities that use volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps should be flagged as such and the unique European Solidarity Corps ID Nr has to be indicated.

Relevant for...

Call YearKey ActionAction


KA1 - Learning Mobility of Individuals

KA105 - Youth mobility

KA135 - Strategic EVS

2018KA1 - Learning Mobility of IndividualsKA125 - Volunteering Projects


1. Select the "Activity type"

The fields for European Solidarity Corps volunteer are not active until the Activity Type is selected and the flag for Long-term Activity is checked.

In our example we created a mobility for a 2017 KA105 project. On the first screen we selected the Activity Type YOUTH-VOL-P: European Voluntary Service - Programme Countries from the drop-down field.

Take note

For 2018 KA125 projects, the options to select in the Activity Type field are one the following:

  • AV-IVA: Individual Volunteering Activities or
  • AV-GVA: Group Volunteering Activities

Select activity type

Drop-down list with available activity types

2. Click on "Save"

Select to continue updating and click the Save button. 

Save the changes

3. Tick the box "Long-term Activity"

In the Mobility section, tick the box Long-term Activity.

Tick the box Long-term activity

4. Tick the "European Solidarity Corps volunteer" box

Only once the activity type is selected and the long-term activity box is checked, does the tick box European Solidarity Corps volunteer box appear in the Participant section.

Take note

For 2018 KA125 projects, to make this box visible both the sending country and receiving country must be form Programme Countries, part of OCTs or Gibraltar.

Tick the European Solidarity Corps volunteer box 

5. Fill in the "European Solidarity Corps ID Nr" field

Only after checking the box European Solidarity Corps volunteer does the European Solidarity Corps ID Nr field appear.

Enter the corresponding ID number provided by the European Solidarity Corps system for the volunteer.

 Fill in European Solidarity Corps ID nr.