This page describes the steps to copy a mobility for quicker encoding of additional mobilities. For this functionality to work, at least one mobility has to already be available under the Mobilities tab in Mobility Tool+.

MT+ Add mobility for KA1 and KA3 projects provides information on how to encode a mobility from the beginning. 

1. Access the "Mobilities" tab

Access the Mobilities tab in your project. All already encoded mobilities are displayed in the list, either as Complete or Draft mobility.

In our example one complete mobility is present.

Access the mobilities tab

2. Click the "Copy" icon

A template of the mobility already available can be created by clicking the Copy icon next to an existing mobility in the list.

Click the Copy icon

3. The Mobility template

The partially filled draft mobility screen for the new mobility details to be entered opens. Here you find:

  1. Status of mobility: Draft or Complete
  2. Invalid Fields notification area: Displays fields which require input, update or have an error. Clicking on an item displayed here will bring you to the respective field in the mobility screen.
  3. Sections of the mobility screen: Sections displayed in red need input, sections in blue with a check mark are already complete due to the copy action.
  4. Information message for the copied mobility

All mandatory fields are marked with the orange message value required.

The mobility template

4. Update "Participant" section and Save

All participant data from the original mobility was removed during the copy action. Provide all required information.

The fields Participant First Name, Participant Last Name, Participant Email, Date of Birth, Participant Gender and Nationality are available for all action and activity types. Other fields available/not available vary.

Click the Save button to save the update.

Our example shows the screen for a 2017 KA105 project, Activity type Youth Exchanges - Programme Countries.

Update Participant section

5. Edit/Update the remaining sections

Other sections within the Mobility template can be edited and some fields may still be mandatory. The sections to check and eventually update are:

  • BUDGET and

Any changes/updates will re-activate the Save button. Click it to save your updates.

6. Return to the Mobility list

If all updates are done and the newly copied mobility is complete, return to the Mobilities screen. Click the back to list button.

Return to the mobility list

The newly created mobility is displayed in the list.

View updates in the mobility list