For purposes of compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the files to import into Mobility Tool+ should not include any sensitive information on mobilities, especially related to participants' racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership, health or sexuality.

It is advisable to export the latest file template after each release to ensure that any changes (e.g. added or removed fields) are also reflected in the file you intend to import.


1. Click the "Mobilities Import - Export" tab

Click on the Mobilities Import - Export tab of the project. 

Click the Mobilities Import - Export tab

2. Click the "Export CSV" or the "Export XLS" button

Depending on the Excel file format, click the Export CSV or the Export XLS button. In this case, we will click the Export XLS button.

Click the Export CSV or the Export XLS button

Please note, due to technical constraints for KA103 projects it is not possible to export to XLS format from the Mobilities Import – Export tab. Most popular spreadsheet applications allow the conversion from CSV to XLS if required.

As soon as the user clicks on the Export CSV button the Export Status sub-tab becomes active and the newly created export request is displayed at the top of its list.

3. Click the "Save File" radio button

A pop-up window appears. Click the Save File radio button.

Click the Save File radio button

4. Click on "OK"

Once you have clicked the Save File radio button, click on the OK button. 

Click on OK

5. Enter a name in the "File name" field

Enter the name of the report in the File name field.

Enter a name in the File name field

6. Click "Save"

Click the Save button. 

Click Save 

7. Double-click to open the file

To open, double-click on the file. 

Double-click to open the file

8. Update the list of Mobilities

In the Excel spreadsheet, you can update the list of Mobilities if necessary. To understand how to complete the list of mobilities see the How to export and import mobilities with CSV.  

Specific instructions for CSV, such importing the file using the From text wizard is not applicable for xls/xlsx nor saving as CSV. If you export as xls the file can be saved as xls.

Take note

For 2016 projects: Both Draft and complete mobilities can be updated with the one import file. Once all necessary criteria are completed in the excel, the mobility will be indicated as completed.

For all projects: Do not include any sensitive information for mobilities in the available comment fields.

 Update the list of Mobilities

View Data Dictionary

For some actions, i.e. KA103 and KA107 data dictionaries are provided for a better understanding of the content and the fields displayed in the exported XLS or CSV files.

9. Click on "Select File"

To import your file in MT+, click the Select File button.  

Click on Select File

10. Select your document

Locate and select the Excel file to import.

Select your document

11. Click on "Open"

Click on the Open button. 

Click on Open

The Excel file will be automatically imported. The status details of the import is shown in the Import Status section.

When the file is imported, the status is 'Successfully imported X mobilities'. If required, click the blue hyperlink to open the file just imported.

Click the blue hyperlink