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2015 onwards


KA102 - VET learner and staff mobility

KA103 - Higher education student and staff mobility within Programme Countries

KA107 - Higher education student and staff mobility between Programme and Partner Countries

KA116 - VET learner and staff mobility with VET mobility charter

1. Mobility flagged as Zero Grant

For KA102, 103, 107, and 116 projects, mobilities can be flagged as full Zero Grant. This means that they are not funded by EU funds and therefore need to be properly identified in the system.

The applicable budget fields within those mobilities need to be set to zero. The example below shows how to flag a Mobility as full Zero Grant:

  1. The Current Budget (in Mobility Tool) is 46.938,00 € and is higher than the Approved Budget (by National Agency) 44.510,00 €. Both are marked in red.
  2. Edit the mobility, by clicking the Edit icon in the mobilities list.
  3. In the Budget tab, the amount still appears (8.043,00 €). Tick the box Zero Grant.
  4. Once the box is ticked, the amount is set to 0 (Zero).
  5. Click on Save.
  6. The Current Budget (in Mobility Tool) is decreased in the Budget tab of the project. It is now  38.895,00 €. 

Click Budget tab and check budget

Click Mobilities and select edit

Click Zero grant to reset grant

The grant is zeroed, click save

 Check budget

2. Mobility flagged both as "Force Majeure?" and "Zero Grant"

In exceptional circumstances you may need to check both flags "Force-majeure" in the Mobility tab and Zero-grant in the Budget tab. The system allows both to be checked at the same time.

 Mobility grant is zeroed due to force majeure