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What is the Portal?

The RELEX-family DGs (DG INTPA, DG NEAR and FPI) launched a large-scale business transformation and IT programme to effectively and efficiently manage the whole EU external relations portfolio of interventions.

This ecosystem, known as "OPSYS", means a shift of mentality in the way EU aid works: a more transparent and results based way of delivery cooperation.

It represents a quantum leap forward in terms of improved procedures, harmonized processes and modern IT tools, with the goal of raising the effectiveness and visibility of EU cooperation

OPSYS is a set combination of interactive IT tools and systems currently used by the European Commission. It will cover the whole project cycle: from programming to final evaluation, all through its contracting and implementation phases.  

OPSYS is developed for the RELEX-family by DG DIGIT.

The ecosystem is open to internal staff and to external partners. External Partners (referred to as Economic Operators of the European Commission or other EU bodies) access the ecosystem via the Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal (SEDIA). This Portal covers the currently available functionalities and will be integrated into a common corporate solution, which represents the single entry point for all external partners across all DGs.

What can be done in the Portal?

Once logged-in to the Portal via EU Login, and depending on their role and permissions, Economic Operators will be able to:

  • Register their organisation in the Participant Register;
  • Self-manage the rights and roles of their organisation; 
  • Re-use their organisation's data and documents;
  • Electronically acknowledge their invitations to tender, express their willingness to submit, prepare, validate and submit their tenders using advanced encryption;
  • View their submissions in EU calls for tenders and access the tender reception confirmations (proof of submission);
  • Withdraw their submitted tenders and access the tender withdrawal reception confirmations (proof of withdrawal);
  • Electronically sign contracts and tender documents;
  • Electronically upload and manage their deliverables;
  • Electronically initiate amendments to a contract;
  • Electronically sign amendments to a contract initiated by the EC;
  • Have a record of all exchanges and notifications with the Contracting Authority.

Registration as a participant is also required to actively participating in a call for tender.

Permissions are automatically granted through your EU Login profile and registration as a participant, others are defined by roles.

The encoding of results, indicators and values for the monitoring and reporting on Interventions is performed by Lead Implementing Partners, or can be delegated to Implementing Partners or Experts. These results and indicator values are then submitted by the Lead Implementing Partner to the Operational Manager of the Intervention.

Inform and Stay Informed

OPSYS Latest News

Stay up-to-date with the latest news of OPSYS from the Latest News page.

OPSYS Focal Points

The OPSYS Focal Point’s main role is to guarantee the smooth implementation of OPSYS in the EUDs, supporting the EUDs’ staff in using the system and updating them on the OPSYS developments and state of play. The OPSYS Focal Point is also in charge of communicating to the Implementing Partners the impact of OPSYS on their working process with the RELEX family.

Every EU Delegation appointed a Focal Point and a backup who are at ease with the use of IT system and able to support the colleagues in getting familiar with OPSYS.

Main tasks:

  • Communicating with the Change Management Team for updates, test phases and information sharing during the progressive roll-out of all the functionalities;
  • Participating to webinars and guidance sessions on OPSYS;
  • Being the contact points for any OPSYS-related questions;
  • Collecting feedback from the EUDs’ staff and the Implementing Partners;
  • Updating the EUD staff on OPSYS developments and its state of play;
  • Organizing in the EUDs information sessions on OPSYS to increase their knowledge about the system, how to use it and the progressive roll-out of all the functionalities;
  • Organizing sessions with the Implementing partners to guide them on OPSYS;
  • Participating actively to the Capacity4Dev group dedicated to OPSYS;
  • Connecting with other relevant focal points to ensure sound communication.

OPSYS Training Catalogue and e-Learning

Explore the OPSYS Learning Path and Training Catalogue to follow the personalised learning curve that addresses the professional development requirements aligned to the needs of our External Partners.

Refine your skills by viewing our OPSYS e-Learning videos, or enrol to any of our OPSYS online courses for External Partners in INTPA Academy.

OPSYS Capacity4DEV Public Group

Join the OPSYS Capacity4Dev public group to be updated with the latest news! The OPSYS group is open to both internal colleagues and external partners.

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