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Results and Monitoring on Interventions

The Lead Implementing Partner is the Contractor, or the signatory to the contract with the European Commission. Lead Implementing Partners or Contractors are contractually in charge of implementing activities for EC-funded Projects. They have a contractual reporting obligation both on progress made towards the targets and on the financial execution, which is measured as a result of the collection of information via the various sources of verification identified in the formulation phase of the Project. This includes the encoding of the latest values available for each indicator in the Logframe that is attached to the Intervention.

The tasks mentioned above are often delegated to an Implementing Partner or Expert, but the Lead Implementing Partner or Contractor remains responsible for the submission of the values to the Operational Manager.

Implementing Partners or Experts (non-Lead) can be either Consortium Partners or External Experts. They are contributing to the implementation of activities and reporting tasks. The Implementing Partner or Expert can access the Intervention and update the Logframe, but cannot submit the Logframe for revision. Only the Lead Implementing Partner or Contractor can submit the Logframe for approval to the Operational Manager.

Lead Implementing Partners or Contractors (once assigned by the Operational Manager) can either themselves, or cooperate with Implementing Partners or Experts, to access the Intervention and create and/or update the attached Logframe with results and corresponding indicators and their values.

A Logical Framework is a matrix in which the intervention logic (overall objective, purpose, expected results and activities), assumptions, objectively verifiable indicators and sources of verification are presented. It is used as a management tool to improve the design of Interventions. It involves identifying strategic elements (inputs, outputs, outcomes, impact) and their causal relationships, indicators, and the assumptions or risks that may influence the success or failure of a Project. It thus facilitates planning, execution and evaluation of a development Intervention.

In OPSYS, we identify the Logical Framework Matrix (LFM) as a Logframe, which is attached to an Intervention.

As an Implementing Partner or Expert, it is required to create and/or update the Logframe of an Intervention that has been assigned to you by adding the Results, creating indicators, and adding their values.

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