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6. FAQs

6.1 Are deadlines blocking?

No - When the deadline has passed you will still be able to upload and then submit documents. 

6.2 I have issues in submitting a report - What can I do?

    • Check that the document category is "Report". The submit button will not appear if you select another category.
    • If you uploaded the wrong document as "Report", you have two possibilities:
      • If the document is in status draft, click on the trash icon to delete it. Then, upload the new document
      • If the report has already been submitted, contact INTPA SUPPORT SERVICES or NEAR APPLICATION SUPPORT for assistance (they can revert the document to status draft)

6.3 I am preparing the Executive Summary of my evaluation using the online form - Can I continue at another time?

Yes. You can save the information that you entered so far and continue at another time.

6.4 I do not have access to my evaluation - What happened?

    • Your access to EVAL is limited to your ongoing evaluations. After the approval of the final report and executive summary of an evaluation, you will no longer have access to the EVAL module for the documents of that specific evaluation. Note that if you have no other ongoing evaluations assigned to you, you will not have access to the EVAL module at all.
    • In any other situation, please contact INTPA SUPPORT SERVICES or NEAR APPLICATION SUPPORT, as applicable.

6.5 How can I disable or re-direct my notifications?

You can disable automatic notifications or forward them to another e-mail address by navigating to the "MY NOTIFICATIONS" page and choosing your preferred option. It is highly recommended that you keep the notifications enabled to be reminded via e-mail of upcoming deadlines, and to receive updates on the approval of deliverables. 



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