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4. Manage Application Users 

By default, the users who have view access to your applications to calls for proposals in e-Calls PROSPECT are the same as those defined in the e-Calls PADOR profile of your organisation. For more information, please refer to the e-Calls PADOR Manual for Applicants.

You can view and edit (if required), the users who have access to an individual application, as well as their permissions, in the "User List" tab of the application.

This page displays the user list as defined in e-Calls PADOR, or as previously entered in e-Calls PROSPECT (depending on the case), divided into sections according to their role as described below.

Each user section displays a table, showing the name, e-mail address, as well as the permissions columns (submit, edit, and view).

4.1 Application form owner 

The application form owner is the person who created the application form – the user who clicked on the "Apply" button. They have the right to submit, edit, and view the application by default. This user and their accesses cannot be removed nor edited in the e-Calls PROSPECT system.

If you need to change the owner or the data related to this person, please contact e-Calls PROSPECT IT Support (by using the "Online Support" option in the left main menu).

4.2 Organisation users 

The list of organisation users is imported from the "User List" of the e-Calls PADOR profile of the organisation. All the users in this list have by default the right to view the application, and it cannot be removed. You can choose which of them, if any, should also have the right to edit or submit the application by ticking the corresponding boxes. The right to submit automatically grants the user the right to edit the application, but you can choose to allow the user only editing permissions.

Please note that if you wish for one or several of these users to not have the ability to view the application, you have to remove them from the user list of the e-Calls PADOR profile of the organisation ( >> connect to e-Calls PADOR ).

4.3 Ad-hoc users

This section of the users' list allows you to add ad-hoc (emergency) users for the current application only.

These users will not be added to the e-Calls PADOR profile of the organisation, and will have no access to other applications that the organisation manages.

To add an ad-hoc user, click on the "Add user" button. A pop-up window will request you to enter the e-mail address of the user you wish to grant access to the respective application.

 Once you have entered the e-mail address, click on the "Search" button. The system will retrieve the user's profile.


You will also be able to define the permissions of this user in relation to the current application. The right to view the application is granted by default when you add a new user and it cannot be removed (if you wish to remove the view right for a user, you have to delete the respective user from the list).

You can define (if required) the user permissions so that each user may have the ability to edit and/or submit the current application.

Click on "OK" button to confirm.

The user is then added to the ad-hoc list.

You can edit the permissions at any point by ticking the boxes corresponding to the "Submit" and/or "Edit" rights. No additional saving is required (the options are saved automatically once the ad-hoc user has been already added).

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