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1. Introduction to e-Calls PADOR

1.1 What is e-Calls PADOR?

The Potential Applicant Data On-Line Registration (e-calls PADOR) is a database of legal entities. It is the on-line system in which organisations, who are potential applicants to calls for proposals, register and regularly update information about their profile (legal, financial, etc.). Every organisation in e-Calls PADOR has a unique identification number (EuropeAid ID - EID). The organisation has to mention this EID in the application submitted to a call for proposals via e-Calls PROSPECT (the IT system for online submission).

A new version of e-Calls PADOR was launched in June 2016. The system has become more user-friendly; the registration and updating of profiles takes less time since there is less information to register.

In June 2016, all existing profiles in e-Calls PADOR which were used at least once in the last 5 years were automatically transferred to the new e-Calls PADOR. Profiles that were inactive for a longer period of time were archived. e-Calls PADOR is available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

1.2 Who has to register in e-Calls PADOR?

All organisations that apply to calls for proposals as applicants, co-applicants or affiliated entities have to be registered in e-Calls PADOR (ref. Guidelines for grant applicants of the specific call). This includes Civil Society Organisations, public administration bodies, and local authorities.

Please note that registration in e-Calls PADOR is not open to private individuals (natural persons).

The information registered in e-Calls PADOR is used by the European Commission during the evaluation of applications as well as for checking the eligibility of the organisations that participate to calls for proposals. The legal personality of an organisation is verified on the basis of the statutes/Legal Entity File/registration documents uploaded in e-Calls PADOR.

1.3 What if I cannot register online?

If it is impossible to register online in e-Calls PADOR for technical reasons, the applicants and/or affiliated entity(ies) have to complete the EuropeAid Offline Registration Form and attach it as an annexe to the Guidelines of the call they are applying for. This form has to be sent together with the application, by the submission deadline defined in the Guidelines.

1.4 When to register and when to update a profile?

Organisations have to be registered in e-Calls PADOR before the deadline specified in the Guidelines for grant applicants of the call for proposals.

Please note that the Evaluation Committee will only consider the most recent validated data. e-Calls PADOR profiles have to be updated and SIGNED by the specified deadline. It is therefore strongly recommended to register your organisation in e-Calls PADOR well in advance, and not wait until the last minute to register before the submit deadline of your application in e-Calls PROSPECT.

Warning: At the end of every year, profiles that have not been active during the past 5 years will be archived. E-mail reminders will be sent in advance to notify the organisations whose profiles will be archived.

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