This page describes the steps to re-send an individual participant report request from within the mobility list view. This resend option only works for mobilities that have a participant report status of Requested or Undelivered.

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KA1 - Mobility of individuals 

KA3 - Support for policy reform 



1. Open the project

Open the project

2. Click on the "Mobilities" tab

You will notice the columns related to the participant report. You find information on the Report Status, Requested On, Received On and Extension.

See MT+ Menu and Navigation > Add/Remove Columns option  for instructions on how to add the columns to the list view if they are not displayed.

Click on the Mobilities tab

3. In the Mobilities list, click the "View" icon

In the mobilities list, click the View icon to open details of the specific mobility for which you want to resend the participant report request. Alternatively you can also use the Edit icon. 


Resending the report request is only possible for mobilities with Report Status Requested or Undelivered.

Click the View icon for the participant

4. Click on the "Participant Report" tab

The mobility details screen opens. In the Participant section of the mobility screen, click on the Participant Report tab to access details of the report.

Click on the Participant Report tab

5. Click the "Re-Send" button

In the Participant Report tab you will find detailed information on the report history, like the date the report was requested on.

Click the button Re-Send to re-send the participant report request.

Click the Re-Send button

6. A confirmation message is displayed

At the top of the screen, a confirmation message indicates that the participant report has been re-sent.

Confirmation message

7. Check the date of request has changed

Back in the Participant Report tab the Request Date details are updated.

 Check the date of request has changed