This page describes the steps to resend an individual participant report for ESC11, ESC13 and ESC21 from the participation screen in Mobility Tool+. The participation screen can be accessed from the activity tab or from the participant tab. The resend option only works if the participant report status of Requested or Undelivered. For ESC31 - Solidarity Projects project, resending an individual participant report is done from the participant tab in Mobility Tool+.

Note there may be slight differences in the illustrations used on this page and in your project.

Relevant for...

Call YearProgrammeAction
2018 onwardEuropean Solidarity Corps

ESC11 - Volunteering Projects

ESC13 - Volunteering Partnerships Annual

ESC21 - Traineeships and Jobs

ESC31 - Solidarity Projects


1. Resending the participant report request

1.1. Click on the "Participants" tab

In your project, access the Participants tab.

Click on Participants tab

1.2. Select the participant from the list and click to edit the participation

In the list of participants, select the participant.

In the Selection Details section choose the participation for which you wish to send a new report request and click the Edit icon to access the participation details screen.

Select participant from list and click edit

1.3. Access Participant Report section and check history

In the details screen scroll down to the Participant Report section. You will see a history of the requests.

Participant report - history of requests

If no request has been sent yet, a generic message is displayed instead of the report request history.

No request sent yet

1.4. Click the "Re-Send" button

Click the button Re-Send to send a new request for the participant report.

Resending the report request is only possible for participations having the report status Requested or Undelivered and can be done only once every 24 hours.

If the status is Undelivered, it is advised to refresh the participant data from the European Youth Portal before trying to resend the request. This ensures the latest participant data is updated in the project (specifically the email address).

Click re-send

1.5. Confirmation message

At the top of the screen a confirmation message indicates that the participant report request was successfully re-sent. The Participant Report history is updated, now displaying the time and date when the manual reminder was sent.

History is updated