Participants in Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps projects may be asked to provide feedback on their experience by filling in a Participant report

Automatic e-mails are sent to participants with an invitation to fill in and submit this report in EU Survey, to share their feedback on the experience as a participant in a Mobility activity for Erasmus+ or European Solidarity Corps programmes.

The participant receives an e-mail with a dedicated link to the individual participant report which needs to be done online, in EU Survey, and is available in various languages. The link received by the participant will not expire. 

The participant can save the report and submit it. After submission, the participant may download a PDF version of their feedback, but they cannot edit the form again.

In Beneficiary module, when adding, updating or viewing, for example, mobility activities or participations, the Participant Report section may be available.

From here it is possible to monitor an individual participant report and check the relevant information from the moment the initial invitation to complete the report was sent to the participant. It is also possible to send reminders to participants to complete the report. 

As the invitation e-mail for the participant report is sent only at specific dates in relation to the mobility activity, you will find the Participant Report section initially empty. The participant report request will not be sent out if the mobility activity is in Draft status, meaning not completed, in your project.

Example of Participant Report section where the initial email notification was sent

See the page Manage participant reports in projects for detailed information. 

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