This functionality allows organisations to export participant reports of inbound participants to their organisations. These inbound participant reports are not part of projects that the organisation is a coordinator of, but rather the organisation is indicated as a host or partner organisation of other projects, which it cannot view.


1. Click the "Mobilities" tab

Organisations have the functionality to export participant reports involved in mobilities of projects for which they are only a host organisation.

In the project, click the Mobilities tab.

 Click the Mobilities tab

2. Click the "More Actions" button and select "Export Inbound Participant Report(s)"

On top of the mobilities list, click the More Actions button.

Select the Export Inbound Participant Report(s) option.

Click Yes in the pop-up dialogue to start the download.

  Click the More Actions button and select Export Inbound Participant Report(s)

3. Save the file

Follow the download instructions on screen. These may vary depending on the browser you are using.

Save the file on your computer.

The downloaded *.zip file will contain several separate *.csv files, one for each activity type.

Save the file 

Open the file using Microsoft Excel or a similar software. In the file each row represents one participant report. 

Open file in Microsoft Excel

If no inbound report was received, the file(s) will contain the following message:

Message if no inbound report was received