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In this section you are asked to describe your organisation. The questions here will cover administrative and contact details but also information about your motivation and experience.

 Relevant For...

This page is relevant for:

  • ESC50-QLA Quality Label



Context section with valid Organisation ID must have been completed.


1. Open About your Organisation

Click on About your Organisation in the content menu. The About your Organisation screen opens.

Open About your Organisation

1.1. Update Organisation type

Initial information on your organisation is prepopulated from the organisation profile, retrieved from your organisations OID entered in the Context section of your form, and cannot be changed, including:

  • Organisation ID, name  and Country 
  • Is the organisation a public body? 
  • Is the organisation a non-profit?

Select the type of your organisation from the drop-down list (if not already supplied)

Select type of your organisation

2. Provide details on Profile, Motivation and Experience

Scroll down to the section Profile, Motivation and Experience

Provide the requested information in the mandatory fields, and select the main topics you foresee to address by your planned activities from the drop-down list.

Provide details on Profile, Motivation and Experience

3. Add "Associated persons"

See the page Associated Persons for more details on how to complete this section of your application

Add associated persons

4. Provide Hosting Location(s) - if applicable

This section only only applies to:

  • organisations who are applying for host role

  • organisations who already hold a Quality Label for host organisations awarded under the previous European Solidarity Corps programme

Scroll down to Hosting Locations in About your Organisation.

Scroll down to Hosting Locations

4.1. Complete Location 1 details

Initially Location 1 is prepopulated with information taken from the applicant organisation.

  • You may change the location name.
  • Select the Contact person for this location from the drop-down list of associated persons.
  • Provide number of volunteers for short and long term projects as well as volunteers in team activities.

Location 1 is marked with a green line in front of the Location ID when correctly completed.

Complete Main Location 1

4.2. Do you plan additional locations

If you plan to carry out activities in additional locations, select yes to the question and an additional location ID is added.

Add another location if applicable

Provide address detail for the additional location and complete other details as above.

You may specify a different address for the events for this location, or select to use Same / Different Address from Location.

Complete details for additional location

4.3. Add and complete details for further locations (if applicable)

Further locations may be added by clicking ADD Location in the bottom of the table. 
Details must be specified as described above.

Add further locations if applicable