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The illustrations in the Application Forms wiki pages are for consultation purpose only and may not always reflect the latest implementation.

There may be minor changes to the screen appearance and layout which are described on the updated page: How to complete the application form

In My Contacts you can add contact persons as well as view the list of all contacts that you have defined either by saving them to My contacts via your applications or by creating them directly in the My Contacts screen.

  • This is the main page where you can follow and update your contacts.
  • You can Create, Update or Delete contacts to be used in your applications.
  • If you have not yet saved any contacts to My Contacts, the list of contacts will be empty. 
  • If you have many contacts you can search or filter the results to show only relevant contacts.

To be able to access My Contacts you need to be signed in to the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform using a registered EU Login account

Please read the onscreen information carefully before you complete the relevant fields. For general information on how to fill in the application form see the page How to complete the application form.

1. Click on "My Contacts" in the main menu

My Contacts displays all contacts that were saved to my contacts while filling in application forms or created directly in My Contacts. Any contact added in My Contacts or saved from a previous application form can be quickly selected and added as an associated person to your future applications.

In the main menu, click on Applications and then on My Contacts. If you are accessing the applications for the first time and have not yet saved any contacts, an empty list is displayed.

Take note

In order to see Applications and My Contacts you need to be signed in to the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps platform using a registered EU Login account

Access My Contacts

2. General functionalities

My Contacts offers the following functionality:

  1. Search and filter contacts - collapsed by default; click on the dedicated left arrow (<) to open the panel.
  2. Number of contacts found
  3. Display the Search results
  4. Create a new contact
  5. Icons to refresh the contact list, Expand/close all contact cards, and download the contact list
  6. A card showing basic information about each contact, including name, mail and status
  7. Icons to Update, Delete or view details for a contact
  8. Browsing options: use the drop-down arrow to change the number of contacts displayed per page, and use the arrows to navigate to previous or next pages of contacts.

Elements of My Contacts

3. Search for a contact

In the Search and filter panel, type your search criteria, for example a contact's first name or email address, in the search field.

You can choose to look for contacts who have the status Complete, Incomplete or All contacts (default).

The contacts matching all selected criteria will be displayed in the list. The selected search criteria are displayed at the top of the results list.

Search for a contact

4. Create a contact

To add a contact to your contacts list:

  • Click on the Create button.
  • A new empty card is added at the top of the list, with the status Incomplete. Fill in all the required details. Mandatory fields are clearly marked with Mandatory in red. 

    • The number of contacts found is updated immediately.
  • Click on the Save button. If you have provided all mandatory information, the card status changes to Complete.

Please note

Only contacts in status Complete are available to be inserted in an application.

Create a contact

5. Update a contact 

To update an existing contact, click on the Edit (pencil) icon. The Contact Details screen opens for the selected contact. Make the required changes and click on the Save button.

Update a contact

6. Delete a contact 

To delete a contact from the list, click the X icon and confirm the deletion.

Take note

If you delete a contact person that has already been used in one or more application forms, that contact is not removed from the associated form(s), but only from your Contacts list.

Delete a contact

7. Download the contact list

To download your contact list as a CSV file, click on the Download button. Follow the onscreen instructions to save/open the file.

Depending on your browser and local settings you may be offered to open/save the file or it will download automatically to your default download folder on your device. 

Download contact list